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JinYong Improved the Hot-dip Galvanizing Technique to Suit the Chinese Government Environment Control

Hebei JinYong today improved it hot-dip galvanizing technique to conform to the Chinese Environment Control standards.


Hebei JinYong Electrical Equipment Manufacturing CO., LTD (JinYong), a leading manufacturer of pole line hardware, today improved it hot-dip galvanizing technique to conform to the Chinese Environment Control standards.

JinYong uses hot-dip galvanizing technique as a major, finishing operation for all its pole line hardware. It aims to improve performance, durability,and reliability of all pole line hardware.
“As a company that conforms to the set environmental rules and regulations, we control every stage in hot-dip galvanization to ensure zero pollution and contamination,” said Joy, JinYong Marketing Manager. “The protective zinc coating on JinYong pole line hardware, ensures the surfaces of all accessories do not rust.”

While complying with strict Chinese Government Environmental Control regulations, JinYong has improved all its procedures on hot-dip galvanization. It strives to produce smooth and bright surface finish while reducing the cost of hot-dip galvanization process.

JinYong’s hot-dip galvanization technique focuses on improving three stages of the process:
Pole line hardware surface preparation; depending on the type of material, JinYong uses safe and environmentally friendly surface preparation techniques. The process may involve fluxing, degreasing and pickling.

The three techniques remove all possible contaminants on the pole line hardware before the hot-dip galvanization process.

Hot-dip galvanizing JinYong pole line hardware; JinYong applies the zinc coating in a way that allows air to escape. At the same time, zinc flows over the entire surface.

Quality control; JinYong uses both visual and magnetic thickness gauge to determine the quality of the zinc coating on the pole line hardware.

Through this, JinYong ensures the zinc coating is seamless without ribs, lumps or omissions. It ensures every hot-dip galvanized surface conforms to the ISO 1461:2009 and ASTM A123 / A123M - 17 Standards for hot-dip galvanization process.

JinYong can now apply improved hot-dip galvanization technology to all its pole line hardware.
At every stage, JinYong carefully collects, recycles or disposes of wastes according to the environmental policies in China.

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Hebei JinYong Electrical Equipment Manufacturing CO., LTD is a leading manufacturer and designer of pole line hardware, street light arm, ADSS/OPGW Accessories,and industrial fasteners.
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JinYong has thousands of semi-automatic molds, automatic machines and knows the market needs and dynamics. JinYong produces both standard and custom electrical pole line hardware.

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