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KRATOS™ Integrates with Bancor Protocol to Provide Token Liquidity for the Commodity Trading Industry

KRATOS™ (TOS) token holders to gain access to continuous liquidity through the Bancor network after token sale


Blockchain, an end-to-end blockchain service lab based in Singapore, has announced its integration of the Bancor protocol to provide continuous liquidity for its blockchain powered commodity trading platform- KRATOS™.

Arkratos’ flagship product KRATOS™ is a decentralized platform to facilitate commodities trading on blockchain network. Using blockchain, KRATOS™ digitizes the documentation process and transforms it into smart contracts to ensure a faster transaction. It will benefit all the stakeholders of the commodity trading eco-system by making the trade flow transparent, less complex and more efficient.

By integrating with the Bancor Protocol, KRATOS™ (TOS) token holders will gain access to continuous liquidity through the Bancor network, where any registered token can be automatically converted to any other token directly from the Bancor Wallet.

“We are excited about KRATOS™ joining the Bancor network. The adoption of the Bancor protocol will provide liquidity to any member of the commodities trading ecosystem, who wants to be a part of the KRATOS™ platform”, says Ashish Srivastava, Senior VP of Arkratos.

KRATOS™ will activate a Relay Token with 1% of its circulating token supply within 1 week following the successful completion of the token sale. Users will be able to purchase and sell TOS tokens directly from the Bancor wallet at a formulaically calculated price.

KRATOS™ is a Blockchain based commodities trading platform. KRATOS™ aims to transform the commodity trading industry, which is suffering from various challenges including the acquisition of trade finance. Despite numerous programs and schemes introduced by several international banks, there is always an increasing gap in the trade finance. Other challenges include the involvement of an immense number of middlemen, systematic abuse resulting in mistrust among the trading partners and an increased overhead cost. By using blockchain technology, KRATOS™ promises to make the trading process transparent and more efficient. The Token Curated Registries (TCR) will also help SME’s acquire trade finance and help financiers find reliable and potential trades.

About Bancor
Bancor is the world’s largest decentralized liquidity network. Bancor functions similar to a decentralized exchange, with a key difference: orders are processed against automated smart contracts on the blockchain, instead of matching two parties in a trade. Any project can easily integrate their token by creating a Relay on the Bancor Network to automate fair and efficient token conversions for users, directly from their wallets. Tokens on Bancor are instantly convertible for one another, with 8000+ trading pairs across ETH, DAI, BNB & more. Bancor technologies impact organizations and people across the globe, from blockchain teams to token holders to real-world communities in Africa, Asia and beyond. Visit the Bancor Web App to convert tokens instantly, list your token on the Bancor Network or join the Bancor Telegram group for more information.

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