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Hispanic Heritage brings us a powerfully vulnerable autobiography, "Loud, Large, Latina Fina" that asks, "What was I created to do?"

Yamile McBride, M.Ed., a first generation American with Colombian, South American parents, considers herself Latina AND Hispanic.


September 27, 2018

Rural Hall, NC, USA -- She was the first in her family to attend college with a $20K scholarship, who failed after the first year as a Pre-med student. The major she chose was Pre-meditated in her subconscious because her immigrant family believed that success would be found in a university, a hospital or a courthouse. Her life has been a satirical version of how you don’t want to go through life, yet she knew something had to SHIFT to live the life she only dreamt of. Yamile found that the SHIFT was WITHIN herself the whole time.

She now lives the life she had always wanted with her incredible husband, her four children, her dog and her goat, Jack.

“I found my voice, mission and purpose in life by using my vulnerabilities as my super powers!”

Yamile writes and speaks about the CACA in her life being the very ingredients and SAZON, seasoning, that her LIFE compost needed for growth. Regardless of what she went through and the messes she created, she realized that the only kryptonite she has, resides in between her ears. She writes about how to use that desire, those questions and the life you live to create the life you deserve to have. Her faith is that the people who read it will confidently go with certainty and facilitate that same growth within themselves where others around them can feel the impact.

She encourages everyone saying, “We were ALL created for greatness” and challenges her readers to reach out with their own despue?s que?, then what stories. A story is only as powerful as the interpreter makes it. The real power and design for any story comes when the super hero resurrects, accepts their story as a historical lesson and writes their own eulogy to the limitations they originally accepted. Do what you were meant to do in peace, joy and love. Live your life full of appreciation and the lack and expectations will go away by believing that all things work out for our good.

You can reach her, book a coaching, mentoring or speaking session and purchase a book at:
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You are not broken, nor lack anything, you have everything you need inside, stay quiet and listen for what that is. If you want to know how to find that purpose or your reason for existence, read the book to find out how a 42-year-old, Loud, Large, Latina Fina, found hers within herself. Pre-Order your book today for $11.11 at and get an autographed copy for you, the Latina Fina, and the supporters in your life.

(Prices start at $15 starting October 2, 2018)

ALSO, make sure to join us at Venture Cafe Winston Salem, NC on Thursday October 4th at 6 pm for the Book Launch and Hispanic Heritage FIESTA!

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