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Ybreast Announces Corporate Name Change to MommaWork and adds VP, Legal and Compliance and VP, Business Development

MommaWork is the leading provider of corporate lactation programs and new parent transition coaching, and the only provider of corporate lactation support services able to certify legal compliance with local, state and federal lactation accommodation laws.


Albertson, NY -- Ybreast has changed its corporate name to MommaWork. The name change represents the company’s longstanding commitment to creating family-friendly workspaces responsive to the needs of breastfeeding mothers and supportive of the needs of working parents. MommaWork will continue to provide employers with the customized help and service they need to better support their working parents and breastfeeding mothers, while improving the employer’s bottom line.

MommaWork has shown that for every $1 invested in one of its Corporate Lactation Programs, the return on investment can be in excess of 300%. MommaWork’s Corporate Lactation Support Services, Legal Compliance Oversight Programs and New Parent Transitioning Coaching Plans can help companies attract, motivate and retain top talent, increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, lower health care costs, reduce turnover, support positive public relations, ensure employee satisfaction and decrease legal liability.

“It is our mission,” says Founder and CEO Debi Yadegari, “to provide working parents with the workplace support they need following a return from family leave and to show employers the tangible and intangible benefits of doing so. I dream of the day when corporate lactation programs are a given at every place of employment, and working parents feel equipped with the tools they need to achieve both professional and personal success,” says Yadegari. “It’s what drives us.”

To advance its mission, MommaWork has recently added Jennifer Frye as Head of Business Development. Frye brings more than 15 years of business development and executive account management experience and a focus on creating measurable ROI for her clients. Ms. Frye will lead MommaWork’s sales team, increase national exposure and expand the company’s reach into new markets. “Jennifer will play a crucial role in our future growth. She will provide the opportunity for MommaWork to serve more businesses, and concurrently support more working parents through the transition from working person to working parent,” says Yadegari.

MommaWork also added Nicole Mor as Head of Legal Compliance. As a seasoned trial attorney and former government prosecutor, Nicole brings informed insight into legal compliance issues facing companies. “Her passion for our mission, coupled with her experience, makes Nicole the ideal person to lead MommaWork’s efforts to develop customized policies designed to address each company’s unique legal, compliance and cultural considerations,” says Yadegari.

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