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Lyd Launches First Spill-proof Beverage Bottle with Lid that Opens Automatically at Touch of the Lips

With 360-degree access, the innovative Lyd design promises one-handed intuitive beverage enjoyment with no leaks, with its innovative patented open-close automation


Beverly Hills, (October, 2018) – The California-based team now showcases Lyd on Indiegogo’s
InDemand until November, 2018. A beverage bottle like no other, Lyd ran a very successful campaign on
Kickstarter starting in August, 2018, gaining over 360% of the funding goal. The GadgetFlow Innovation
Award-winning project offers consumers the best features of an elegant, artfully designed beverage
container, in 13-ounce and 17-ounce sizes, with the unique addition of never-before-seen intelligent

Lyd’s automated cap controls the flow of liquid by opening at the touch of the user’s lips, and closing
securely when removed from the lips. This technology, along with Lyd’s unique 360-degree access
design, allows users to enjoy their beverage with a one-handed motion, and travel spill free.
Founder Fredrik Krafft explains, “I felt that consumers should be able to drink from the vessel as if it
were a glass, and never worry about their beverage spilling. Why should people worry about a beverage
leaving the bottle if it is laying on its side? Voila! Lyd was born!”

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About Lyd

We’re a team of good-doers. We strive to make the world a kinder place to live. We are a socially
committed group of persons that has come together to create products that serve our global community by
improving the understated things in life. Innovation toward a world without worry. Together.
Today we work to save the world from accidents, one spill at a time. We help you protect the things that
matter so you can do more of what matters to you.

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