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Rock Musician Luke Metcalf Debuts Paranormal Romance Book Series “The Well of Many Worlds” on Halloween

Rock musician and writer Luke Metcalf debuts “The Well of Many Worlds” this Halloween, October 31st. The first in a series, the book is a thrilling paranormal romance tale that follows teenager Emily Bliss as she searches for her father’s killers. The journey through parallel worlds filled with fantastic creatures, and extraordinary events is unlike anything readers have ever experienced.


Canada, BC -- Luke Metcalf, frontman for rock band Sound & Fury, debuts the first book in his The Well of Many Worlds series. Available this Halloween, October 31st, the seductive paranormal romance thriller follows 17-year-old Emily Bliss as she searches for her father’s killers. Emily’s nightmares are vivid and are becoming all too real. The young man in her dreams fills her thoughts day and night. Confusion grows and suddenly Emily is traveling through parallel worlds and into past eras and unusual places where wizards and vampires wage vendettas that last for centuries and where she realizes that she is not the person she always believed herself to be.

“I’ve been working on this book series for over eleven years,” says Metcalf. “I want to share my years of creativity with young romance readers who can relate to Emily’s shy teenage awkwardness. She makes choices that test who she is and what she is capable of. I want readers to feel empowered as she bravely faces fears, love, and the unknown.”

Book 1 is the first of what is expected to be an eleven-book series. Each book in the series will be released yearly on Halloween. “With the release of Book 2 Halloween 2019 and Book 3 Halloween 2020, readers will see that The Well of Many Worlds series is unlike anything they have read before,” says Metcalf. “This series takes the paranormal romance thriller genre to the level of an epic fantasy; filled with intimacy, and a magnificent cast of characters.”

Metcalf currently is working to transform The Well of Many Worlds into a film series and an exciting Role Play Game and video game. Says Metcalf, “The story stands out and will strike a chord with readers. The spin on the love at first sight classic tale mixed with magical characters and mystical worlds translates well to film and role-playing games. The Well of Many Worlds is an experience.”

The Well of Many Worlds Book 1 will be released through major online book sale sites Halloween,Wednesday October 31st.


About Luke Metcalf

Luke was born in London, Ontario and raised in Toronto. The son of a history professor father (Ph.D.) and a mother with a Ph.D. in English Literature, Luke grew up with a deep love for books and reading. Today, in addition to writing, he is the front man and lyricist for rock band Sound and Fury. In the past, as Luke toured throughout North America and Europe with the band, he dedicated countless hours to fiction writing. Eleven years in the making, The Well of Many Worlds book series captures Luke’s inspirations; his parents, fantasy and paranormal romance books, classic literature, history, and rock music.

Luke proudly serves on the Board of Directors for the Metcalf Foundation. Founded by his grandfather, George Cedric Metcalf, the foundation’s mission “is to enhance the effectiveness of people and organizations working together to help Canadians imagine and build a just, healthy, and creative society.”

Luke lives in Vancouver, BC and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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