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New Social Media Site CINpals™ Is Now Available

100% safe and secure, our CINpals™ will now have a place where people can interact and be protected.


CINpals™, a place for individuals with common interests, has launched their new website,

Our mission with this website is to create a community of people with like-minded interests, where they can meet and enjoy the activities, they love with individuals they can trust. 100% safe and secure, our CINpals™ will now have a place where they can interact and be protected.

"The first thought that came to mind was social networking," Darlington said. "If we can connect with friends online on Facebook and make dates on Tinder, why can't we safely meet someone for a hike or a movie? There are so many activities people love that are social experiences as much as they are interests. I think CINPals could fill that void."

More Information can be found at:

About Company CINpals™

Common Interest network (CIN™ LLC) is an internet based social network for people with common interest. CIN™ LLC is NOT A DATING WEBSITE OR A SITE FOR THOSE LOOKING FOR A HOOK UP. The company was created with a goal to enable people to find pals with whom they share a common interest. These common interests including, but are not limited to arts & entertainment, sports, movies, musical, and even family pet activities. CIN™ LLC provides the opportunity to find pals with whom to embark on adventures which they may not want to do alone. CIN™ LLC is unique in that it provides a safe environment for its members, since each member must agree to undergo a national background check that is based on a Government Issued identification. CIN™ LLC is open to individuals over the age of 18 years old. CIN™ LLC does not restrict membership based on any other demographic characteristics, however, CIN™ LLC reserves the right to cancel the membership of CINpals™ who demonstrate hateful and or unsafe behavior deemed incompatible with membership and our mission.

Contact Info
Elizabeth-Jamey Rand
110 Washington Avenue,
Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

Phone: 7865627601