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Critically Acclaimed Author Creates a Book and Viral Video about Merpeople



400 feet under the Atlantic Ocean | 2 minute read

Dear Human,

If you’re expecting the standard, dreary press release, this is not it. If you’re expecting a fun escape to brighten up your day prior to your December-end escape, this is it.

Throughout your childhood and adulthood, you were told that merpeople don’t exist. Well, we are here to tell you that they do. As proof, you can see them in this beautiful new video featuring mermaids and mermen. In the first four days of its release, this four-minute video amassed close to ONE MILLION views. The script for the video was written by author Sonia Faruqi based on her newly released novel The Oyster Thief.

Here’s some information about The Oyster Thief: Two worlds collide when a mermaid and human man meet, plunging readers into a vast underwater world brimming with adventure and intrigue. The Oyster Thief is the first novel to feature an underwater civilization and themes of ocean conservation. The Globe and Mail has chosen it as a top 100 book of 2018. You may be thinking, so what? How is the book relevant to me and the world at this moment in time?

• The book’s premises, including oil spills and underwater diamond mining, reflect present-day environmental concerns about the ocean. (The concept of ocean diamond mining was fictional when Sonia began the book but is now very much fact.)
• Taking place in the Central Atlantic Ocean, the story is the perfect companion for the hordes of humans who will be schooling to warm shores this winter.

A complimentary copy of The Oyster Thief can be made available for those interested in covering it. If interested, e-mail with your mailing address.

About the Author: Sonia graduated from Dartmouth College with an Economics degree and started off her career on Wall Street. In addition to The Oyster Thief, she is the author of Project Animal Farm, a critically acclaimed work of investigative journalism about the world’s food system. Project Animal Farm was endorsed by Nobel Prize winner J.M. Coetzee and was selected as a finalist for three literary awards. The Oyster Thief is Sonia’s debut novel. Sonia currently lives with her husband in Toronto.

Praise for The Oyster Thief:

• “Faruqi possesses a unique ability to create a fantastical underwater world while tying in explicit scientific facts…. The Oyster Thief is an entertaining and informative mix of ocean science and literary fiction." — Forbes
• “The Oyster Thief is a richly realized underwater tale….[about] the importance of honoring your own radiance. It truly shines.” — Toronto Star
• “Sonia Faruqi had me at the word ‘mermaid.’ The Oyster Thief creates a lush, imaginary underwater world that somehow manages to reinforce the reality of the need for environmental awareness—it’s unlike anything I’ve ever read.” — Jodi Picoult, bestselling author of My Sister’s Keeper
Publisher: Pegasus Books (New York) | Price: $25.95 USD| Pages: 361 | ISBN: 978-1681777917

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