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Athena-Tek awarded GSA Schedule Contract

Athena-Tek, a network operations firm in Orlando, FL, was awarded a five-year contract by the General Services Administration.


Athena-Tek, a network operations firm in Orlando, FL, was awarded a five-year contract by the General Services Administration. Through their new contract, government institutions will have increased access to Athena-Tek’s talented team of engineers and their wide variety of capabilities.

A GSA Multiple Award Schedule contract is intended to assist federal employees in purchasing products and services. These contracts provide agencies and contractors with pre-negotiated prices, delivery terms, warranties and other terms and conditions to streamline the buying process. With Athena-Tek’s prior experience working with the U.S. Army and other governmental agencies, the GSA contract was the obvious next step in the development of their business.

Athena-Tek offers a multitude of services to the government and commercial sectors including:
• Detailed 5G network design
• Automated network & design optimization
• End-to-end mobile network performance monitoring

Athena-Tek’s in-depth understanding of DoD requirements, constraints and commercial industry solutions puts them in a privileged position. With their new level of accessibility, government agencies have direct contact with Athena-Tek’s network professionals that can assist with the design, development and implementation of custom government networks.

JJ Sanchez, Athena-Tek’s Director of Business Development said, “Our team at Athena-Tek is pleased to have received this contract. We are eager to see how it will expand our project scope and look forward to continuing our work with clients in the federal sector.”

In addition to the many services Athena-Tek has already provided for governmental institutions, their network operations services will continue to be extremely beneficial to this sector. Now government agencies can contract the Athena-Tek team with ease, this will open a new door of communication for consulting on advanced technical analyses and all radio communication, simulation and training system needs.

About Athena-Tek
Athena-Tek is an Orlando based, 8(a) certified network operations firm with over 25 years of communications system integration experience. With clients ranging from the federal to commercial sectors, their team of engineering experts can assist with all aspects of the network process from designing, developing, producing to supporting. Athena-Tek’s built-to-print experience with Government off-the-shelf products makes them an asset when supporting live training systems. Athena-Tek is also fluent in Department of Defense requirements and constraints. Their full services include network operations, system engineering, simulation and training and IT solutions such as detailed 5G network design, automated network & design optimization and end-to-end mobile network performance monitoring. Athena-Tek is network focused and solution driven. To contact Athena-Tek to learn more about their capabilities and what they have to offer, visit their website, email or call at (407)965-2025.

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