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DuKabel Releases Top Series 3.5mm Audio Cables In 2018

DuKabel releases 3.5mm aux cable of top series, Lossless gold-plated auxiliary audio For Car Headphones Phones Speakers Home Stereos, and gain great reputation.


DuKabel releases 3.5mm aux cable of top series, Lossless gold-plated auxiliary audio For Car Headphones Phones Speakers Home Stereos, and gain great reputation.

Here is five suggestions for choosing AUXILIARY CABLE:

1. Get to know basic technology behind the product
Best Aux Cables, We know that not everybody is the technical nerd but there are some technical things every AUX cable user should know about. First, the construction of the cable and basically AUX cable is two wires individually wrapped in protective shield undercover foil.
But there is a difference in construction. Better cables have more insulation layers and better materials and one important feature – they are oxygen free.
Maybe it sounds funny but a regular cable with oxygen inside is not so good since molecules of air inside of cable can cause static electricity which transfers as interference and loss of signal. So always chose an oxygen-free cable (this is the industry’s standard) which are signal-loss proof.

2. Best materials
Despite the fact that every cable uses the copper wires not every type of copper is the same. The better and the cleaner the compound is the better is the cable. And we are not talking just the better sound or lack of humming noises. No, we are talking security. Cables with cheaper compounds of copper are very prone to heating since the electric signals which runs through them heat the cable. Sometimes, if the cable is really bad it can even cause a meltdown and in the worst case scenario, a fire. Whenever you see that cable is hot, replace them. It is always cheaper to do that than to cover the damage. Good quality cables don’t get warm any matter how long you use them and the best materials make the best cable available.

3. Always look for a gold jack
Always look for cables with gold-plated jacks. If you are not audio freak it may sound strange that somebody is producing gold-plated jacks but it is a standard feature on most of the mid and upscale products. The reason is simple. The gold is the best material for transmitting an electrical impulse and far superior to iron, brass or aluminum. With gold jacks, there are no loss or disturbance in connection and they offer the best sound. Since the gold-plated jack cables are mass produced they are not expensive since the layer of gold on the jack is very thin and doesn’t add the value of the product much. All the best cables have this feature

4. Do not search for the best deal, search for the best cord
Don’t look at the price as the only aspect of your purchase and don’t buy the cheapest product on the market. For just a little bit more money you can have a much better AUX cable which will last you longer and be safer to use. Better and more expensive cable is always a better option since it improves the sound of the music and reduces the background noise from your car’s other electrical systems. Always buy a longer cable than you currently need. It is wise to approach since the longer cable gives you more room to maneuver in your car.

5. Avoid breaking your cable
Try to keep your car AUX cables rolled up and safely stored when they are not in use. That will keep them in working order for longer and avoid breaking of the cable. If you bend the cable too much it could break the copper wire threads inside and cause loss of contact, sound interference, and heating of the cable.
Of course, if you don't want to spend a lot of time doing research. We have an audio cable recommendation. After a long test and expert advice, this wire is by far the best AUX Cord we think.

DuKabel ( )Top Series Advantage AS FOLLOWING:

1AUX Plug to 1AUX Plug with OD-3.5mm
Aluminum Internal Shield
Corrosion-Resistant 24K Gold Contacts
Heavy-Duty Internal Dual Strain Relief
High-Density Triple-Layer Shielding for Maximum Noise Reduction
Tinned 99.99% OFC conductor for Maximum Signal Strength
Crystal-Nylon Braided for Maximum Durability
Metal housings with secure-fit design plug
Improved flexibility
Low electrical resistance
Rapid signal transmission
Backed by DuKabel 12-month hassle-free replacement

The AUX cable ( ) is a must for any in-car or home user and there is a wide selection of different product on today’s market. You can choose between different specifications, colors or materials but there is no better or simpler way to connect any mobile device to your car stereo system.

Whether you are a music lover who wants to connect the phone or just a person who needs vocal navigation instructions, connection cable like this is a regular part of car equipment. So to chose the best AUX cable for you and have full satisfaction with the product and its performance, check out reviews and guides to the world of AUX cables and you’ll find everything you need.

We hope you found AUX cable reviews useful and welcome your comments.

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