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Paris Region Enterprises to unveil 35 startups at CES Las Vegas 2019 under “applied artificial intelligence” theme

Paris Region announcing CES 2019 participation with 35 French startups, all under AI theme.


(JANUARY 3 2018) Paris Region Enterprises, the international agency promoting innovation and development in the Paris Region, has partnered with Air France-KLM, Dassault Syste?mes, and Total for the Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) Las Vegas 2019.

Paris Region offers an ecosystem of more than 8,000 startups, serving as a pool of scientific talents that attract high-profile international organizations, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence. To reinforce the international leadership of the Paris Region which relies, among other things, on the wealth of its R&D labs and its world-renowned academic institutions, Vale?rie Pe?cresse, President of Paris Region, announced at CES 2018 the first "Challenge AI Paris Region," to fund innovative startups in this field. The region continued its action for the development of artificial intelligence with the launch of a regional plan "IA 2021" in October. “We aspire to become the first European – if not world – hub for AI," said Vice President of Paris Region, Alexandra Dublanche, Vice-President of Economic Development for Paris Region Enterprises.

The region’s presence at CES 2019 works in conjunction with this IA strategy, with the selection of startups revolving around the applied AI thematic, and presenting solutions in areas such as health, mobility, and smart city. Representing more than 150 million customers and 230 billion dollars of revenue in 150 countries, Air France-KLM, Dassault Syste?mes, and Total have teamed up with Paris Region to present an ecosystem rich in expertise, offering business opportunities to
international companies wishing to accelerate their development.

For Air France-KLM, creating the journey of tomorrow is to imagine solutions that will make the journey simpler and more personalized. With a long-standing commitment to innovation, including Corporate Start Accelerator Tech, Air France-KLM is continuously investing in offering the best travel experience to its customers. With French startups such as Viktor & Charles and Linkfluence, Air France-KLM intends to be the forerunner in surpassing the needs and expectations of its customers. For example, thanks to advanced technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the group is developing service chatbots for its customers, like Lucie, a personalized new bot reinventing the way travelers search for their future destination and plan their trip.

Dassault Syste?mes’ presence at CES will be based around the theme "Citizen Life in 2030.” To illustrate this overall approach to sustainable innovation at the city level, Dassault Syste?mes, a major player in digital, has chosen 3 startups (Gyrolift, Exactcure, Zero2Infinity) from 3DEXPERIENCE Lab Accelerator Program to illustrate and demonstrate innovation in the smart city field under the lens of mobility, health and connectivity. Collaborative and social platform 3DEXPERIENCE offers startups and industrialists the opportunity to de-compartmentalize innovation within organizations. Its digital continuity model shifts from a static approach that manages data to an approach shared in real time, automatically.

“Our presence at CES, in Eureka Park, is an example of our open innovation strategy built with startups and companies that share common challenges" said Gilles Cochevelou, Chief Digital Officer of Total. "This year we will present innovations developed in the field of artificial intelligence by startups with which we work, such as Uavia (robotics and drones), DC Brain (etworks and logistics), Esoftthings ("smart energy") and (industry 4.0). In line with its values, security and operational performance, Total conducts many innovative programs on artificial intelligence, from R&D to operational deployment.”

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About Paris Region Enterprises
Paris Region Enterprises is a catalyst for business and innovation that supports international companies in their development in the Paris Region. The agency combines its market expertise with its large local network to help international companies build technological partnerships, formulate their development plans, and establish a local presence. With its team of 80 employees in Europe, the US, and China, Paris Region Enterprises accompanies a thousand international companies seeking to accelerate their development, making the region one of the largest in the world in terms of economic activity and innovation. For more information:

Accelerated by AIR FRANCE-KLM:
• LINKFLUENCE: combines artificial intelligence and human expertise to help brands turn data from the social web into consumer insights.
• VICTOR & CHARLES: uses artificial intelligence to enrich a customer profile thanks to public data.
• EXACTCURE: Creates a digital twin of each patient to analyze the effects of a drug and drug interactions in an individualized way using Artificial Intelligence. This personalized simulation allows medical professionals to follow their patients remotely in real time. Exactcure has integrated the Dassault Syste?mes acceleration program, the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab in 2018.
• GYROLIFT: In a world where personal and urban mobility is always denser2 and more complex, Gyrolift is working on major functionalities combining sensors and Artificial Intelligence to prevent at-risk situations and increase the autonomy of users of our inclusive micromobility solution. Gyrolift has integrated the Dassault Syste?mes acceleration program, the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab in 2018.
• ZERO2INFINITY: created Bloostar, a low-cost, eco-launcher for launching small satellites in low Earth orbit. Assisted by a stratospheric balloon, Bloostar democratizes access to space and data capture in a very competitive way. Zero 2 Infinity has integrated the Dassault Syste?mes acceleration program, the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab in 2018.
Accelerated by TOTAL:
• DC BRAIN: offers an artificial intelligence service applied to smart networks (smart grid, smart logistics, ...).
• ESOFTTHINGS: specialized in the development of products and platforms for Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Devices.
• FIELDBOX.AI: With Fieldbox, manufacturers are radically improving their operational efficiency by deploying Artificial Intelligence at the factories’ heart to continuously optimize the machines operation on an autonomous basis.
• UAVIA: offers a management platform for autonomous drones. The start-up pushes the concept of the internet of drones.
The other startups of the delegation:
• ADILSON: immersive and multi-sensory Zen bubble that helps disconnect and recover.

• ALL IN FACTORY SAS: Book & Plug is a connected and collaborative charging station for electric vehicle owners.
• ARIONEO: The iPulse connected webbing allows amateur and professional riders to follow the physiological and sporting performance of sport horses.
• BLADE: Shadow is a new generation of PC accessible from any device connected to the internet.
• BLOCKCHAIN CERTIFIED DATA S.A.S.: Application allowing Grandes Ecoles and Universities to certify their degrees on the Blockchain
• CANOPEE STRUCTURES SAS: Small islands of freshness and biodiversity whose autonomous and connected structure supports a plant canopy.
• HELPLINE: A digital traveler service whose City Helpers (real people augmented by AI) meet 100% of needs.
• DAAN TECHNOLOGIES SAS: Bob is the first dishwasher for anyone who can not have one.
• DATAKALAB SA: Measurement of consumer emotions at all touch points of a brand using neuroscience and deep learning.
• DATAKLUB: Manipulate your big data in augmented reality by voice and gesture control.
• HEALSY: The first AI in blood glucose prediction able to adapt to the physiology of each patient.
• HELPLINE: A digital traveler service whose City Helpers (real people augmented by AI) meet 100% of needs.
• KSH: Motorcycle helmet ultra-visible and connected that sends your geolocation in case of fall.
• MEERO: Artificial intelligence at the service of image editing. Your photo and video reports around the world in 24h.
• MOBIOOS.AI: The AI that helps you develop the AI-based software you need.
• MOV'INBLUE: Car-sharing solution with digital key via Bluetooth and plug & play
telematic case.
• MYWAH: The only wine bar to serve wine at the right temperature immediately and continuously, 1 glass every 15 seconds.

• NUMERIZED (SPLASHER SAS): HD and light scanning for an interactive and ultra- realistic 3D e-commerce experience.
• PASTEL HEALTH: Platform of creation of chatbots in the field of the health.
• PREVISION.IO: Automated machine learning solution capable of creating and
deploying predictive models for all use cases.
• SKILLOGS: e-learning platform for professional training entirely customized by an AI
• SPORT QUANTUM: Connected measurement systems for precision sports (Ping-Pong, Golf, Shooting, ...) offering a digital environment to progress.
• TEEDJI (MOBEELITY): Mobility as a Multimodal service to optimize daily travel and support mobility plans of companies and communities.
• THE CONCRETE FAMILY: The Pave? Parisien is the first connected speaker and bluetooth concrete, 100% made in France.
• UNIVERSAL REWARD PROTOCOL: Protocol based on blockchain technology, allowing retailers and brands to compensate shoppers.
• UNSUPERVISED.AI: Smart robots that revolutionize delivery: Maryam in logistics warehouse and Aida, a quadruped for the last mile.
• URBAN CIRCUS: Ultra-high visibility connected clothing for secure mobility.
• VIDEOLABS: The creators of VLC revisit virtual reality in Open Source and create the
social network of video.
• XXII: Intelligent solutions for real-time video streaming analysis for security, retail, industry and smart cities by a Deep Tech specialist.

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