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Vietnam’s EloQ Communications joins international PR network

EloQ Communications announces its membership representing Vietnam in GlobalCom PR, an international network with a 15-year history of connecting quality agencies to enable cross-market collaboration and meet the needs of international clients.


Ho Chi Minh City, January 25, 2019 -- EloQ Communications, an integrated marketing agency based in Ho Chi Minh City, has joined the esteemed global network GlobalCom Public Relations (GCPR).

“We are excited to welcome EloQ Communications to the GlobalCom PR Network family,” said Ralf Hartmann, CEO of Globalcom PR Network Ltd. “As a rapidly growing market, Vietnam requires reliable and competent local experts that support our international clients and their communication challenges in this dynamic environment. With its extensive expertise in working with global organisations and clients, EloQ Communications is a perfect fit for the GlobalCom PR Network.”

Hartmann founded GlobalCom in Germany in 2004 to serve the needs of international high technology and green energy companies. From there GlobalCom quickly built connections across industries and expanded internationally, so that today GCPR is an international network of 70 independently-owned PR agencies in 60 different countries across the world. It currently has 15 offices in the Asia Pacific region, with each acting as GCPR representative for its local market.

“We’re grateful for the opportunity to be GlobalCom’s representative in Vietnam, and eager to put our creative capabilities and street-level market knowledge to work crafting forward-thinking campaigns with our new network partners,” said Cl?ra Ly-Le, head of EloQ Communications.

EloQ Communications was known as Vero IMC Vietnam and headed by Ly-Le for three years before officially going independent under its new name at the start of 2019. The agency continues to specialize in working with overseas companies doing business in Vietnam, including such diverse clients as Rakuten Viber (Japan, Luxembourg), PropertyGuru (Singapore), Cargill (US), The Association of Boarding Schools (US), Merck (Germany), and Nok Air (Thailand). International clientele remains a major focus for EloQ, but the agency is also seeking to expand its connections throughout Asia in order to head more regional campaigns for both Vietnamese and foreign companies.

With the choice of its new name – pronounced ‘eh-lok’ and short for “eloquent,” which the Oxford English Dictionary defines as “giving a clear, strong message.” – EloQ emphasizes its goal of using superior communication skills and local market literacy to represent their clients in a way that is both faithful to their branding and fluent in the local style.

“Vietnam is a challenging market for many companies,” Ly-Le says. “Besides the strong role of the government, we also have a unique history and culture that influences how people make consumer choices and which brands they prefer. Things like the cash-based economy, the Tet spending season, and the sudden rise of youth trends like social media and bubble tea shops are just a few examples of why foreign companies in this market need a guide they can trust to help navigate the cultural differences. EloQ is here to be that guide.”

About EloQ Communications

Founded in 2019, EloQ Communications is an independent communications agency which acts as the eyes, ears, and voice of its clients in the Vietnamese market. Combining local expertise with a global perspective, EloQ works with Foreign and Vietnamese companies of all sizes and industries to enhance their images and extend their reach in the Vietnamese market.

EloQ offers a range of integrated services including B2C & B2B PR, Corporate Communications, Media Training, Content and Storytelling, Social Media Management, Community Management, Digital Strategy, and Influencer Marketing. The agency values modernity, transparency, and flexibility above all. For more information, please visit

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