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New Theory of Everything Published

A Fractal Theory of Everything has no math and is accessible to everybody. It includes a Theory of Everything, a Unified Field Theory, and an explanation for quantum entanglement. Plus a new model of the human psyche and soul.


A Fractal Theory of Everything: based on the Three Body Problem
By WH Clark

365 pages, 6x9 paperback, 140+ illustrations

The project began almost 40 years ago with a letter from NASA regarding the original research project, saying: “Your concepts about the Unified Field Theory appear to be so profound that you are years ahead of the present scientific thinking in the areas in which you delved.” The author’s personal trajectory is woven into the content, the dramatic challenges lending the story context and engagement until the bittersweet end.

This book presents a fractal theory (patterns that repeat at many levels) based on the Three Body Problem of celestial mechanics. The first levels develop a new mathematical model of the human psyche, sexuality, and soul. The remaining mathematical levels of the Big Theory are all illustrated with psychology examples, so the content is easily understood by anybody. These levels go from the atoms all the way up to galaxies, from transistors to motors and generators, from three-phase current to the dramatic structure of Three Act screenplays.

A central theme is the Earth to Mars trajectory. A super-fast solution is presented (including the complete computer code of an optimization algorithm) as a Four Body Problem. A new model of the solar system is presented as well as an explanation for quantum entanglement.

There is no math, just 140+ illustrations of the 3BP, so the material is easily understood by everybody.

William Clark has an MS in Orbital Mechanics, and close to a Ph.D. in Celestial Mechanics, both from the University of Texas. He's a licensed Professional Engineer and has published two textbooks on energy conservation and electrical design with McGraw-Hill. He is a decorated, 100% disabled veteran and an alumnus of the U.S. Naval Academy.

Please visit our website for further details and a FREE download of the complete text in PDF format. You will also find over twenty additional books (i.e., all of the background research) by the author on each of the constituent subjects: psychology, spirituality, engineering, social science, screenwriting, orbital and celestial mechanics. A Fractal Theory of Everything, which was originally a Ph.D. dissertation at the University of Texas at Austin, is essentially a condensation of all those books.

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