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Animiz Provides an Animated Video Creator for Creating Awe-inspiring Videos

Users have access to pre-designed tools and templates that enable them to create enchanting videos that resonate with their target audience.


Animiz has earned repute from enterprises, educationists and individuals wishing to create marketing videos, explainer videos, corporate videos and demo videos for various purposes. Animiz developed feature-packed software for creating attention-grabbing animated videos.

The animated video creator is fully equipped with pre-designed templates to allow users to design professional videos with impressive backgrounds, curve animation effects, transition effects and much more. For enterprises looking to develop illuminating product videos, the animated video creator has the tools for creating real masterpieces. The software is ideal for transforming ideas into lively animations that appeal to enthusiastic viewers.

“Our software tends to the needs of all users who plan to publish thrilling videos that will captivate their target audience,” said Jason Chan, Manager of Animiz. "It comes with tools, features, and functionalities that make video creation a hassle-free venture. Users can access features such as sound, images, scenes, roles, and other animation effects for designing stunning videos.”

The technology from Animiz allows for adding unique outlooks to videos to make them more appealing and comprehensible to the viewers. By combining multiple inbuilt voiceover features and animation effects, users produce finished products that provide both entertainment and education. Entrepreneurs get the opportunity to give publicity to their products and brands, while teachers create educative explainer videos for students. Aside from providing the tools for designing lively videos, users also get to share their video presentations with massive viewers through the cloud hosting service from Animiz.

“Creating videos using our animated video creator is straightforward and simple,” continued Mr. Chan. “The pre-designed templates enable users to click and drag most functions, a procedure that takes a short time to produce sensational videos that viewers can connect with. We also provide enchanting graphical effects that will add effervescence to the videos and capture every viewer’s attention.”

The animated video creator from Animiz has a load of tools that redefine every user’s experience when designing their videos. Users can customize their video presentations with desired backgrounds, music, animations and more. They can also edit, change and adjust any features and functionalities to add a more personal touch to their creations. Animiz allows their clients to publish projects in multiple formats for ease of access both online and offline. With Animiz, users have the freedom to communicate their creative ideas to viewers.

About Animiz
Animiz provides an innovative technology that helps users create captivating video presentations. The animated video creator has rich video templates, excellent camera effects, diverse video assets, and flexible output options, among others. From the examples displayed at, clients wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to enchant their audience with inspiring videos.

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