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Youngraceful Now Manufactures the Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Youngraceful shares details about one of their products, the micro ring hair extensions, which they now manufacture for their clients.


Xuchang, China – China-based professional hair extensions manufacturer , Youngraceful, is offering another type of hair extension, the micro ring hair extensions. This type can last as long as six months and appears very natural. This hair extension is best for clients who have medium to thick hair.

Along with their other hair extension products, Youngraceful has various colors that will definitely meet their clients' needs. They have more than twenty different colors clients can choose from. This extension type also comes in different color effects, such as the ombre, balayage, and piano. The lengths available for their hair extensions range from 10” to 26”.

For first timers, the micro ring technique is a good way to start. This is because it will be attached to the hair naturally and will be kept in place for several months. Clients don't have to worry about the extensions detaching because they are durable. Clients can wash and brush their hair without any worry.

“Micro ring hair extensions will use tiny metal tubes to make sure the extensions are in place. Usually, the tubes used are made of copper or aluminum. However, many prefer those that are made of copper because they are durable.” Lily Li, a Youngraceful employee, explains about their micro rings.

“The new rings are coated with an anti-allergenic, so they're safe to use. They can last for several months and can withstand bleaching, blowing, and washing.” Lily continues.

One of the benefits of using the micro ring technique is there's no need to use chemicals, heat, and glue; which means the customers are not prone to damage. The micro ring hair extensions can be invisible, but only if they are done correctly. This is the reason why clients must only ask someone trained and has the proper experience to perform the technique.

“We are always about improving that is why we came up with the micro rings. I understand they are already on the market for sometime now, but we manufacture them now because we want to provide to the different needs of our clients,” Angel Hou, Youngraceful’s sales manager, stated.

Micro ring hair extensions are easy to wear and can be quite comfortable. They are also durable. If the color is chosen well, these extensions will blend perfectly with natural hair.

About Youngraceful

Youngraceful is a China-based professional manufacturer of hair extensions. They started in 1996 and had been operating successfully. They manufacture and deliver different kinds of hair extensions. Over the years, the company has matured well.

Today, they use advanced sewing devices that are manually operated by their skilled technicians. They work hard to make sure that they meet all of their clients' requirements within fifteen days upon ordering.

Youngraceful's goal is to provide 100% satisfaction to their customers. The quality control process of their products is carefully monitored to make sure that all of their products are high-quality.

If you want to learn more about Youngraceful, please contact them through the following:

Tel.: +86 13598081606
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To know more about micro ring hair extensions and the other products they offer, please visit their website at

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