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Automation Devices Recognizes Industry Diversity and Procurement Shift

ADI Shifts Internal Focus to Grow with Ever-Changing Economy


Automation Devices, Inc. (ADI), a vibratory feeder and part system components manufacturer is identifying a shift in how customers are changing their buying habits. ADI is adapting to an industry trend where companies are still requiring custom equipment, but more standard, off the shelf goods. As a result, the Company is embracing the necessary strides to evolve with the ever-changing manufacturing climate.

ADI President Kevin Smith has noticed this manufacturing trend increase over the last several months. “It is a buyers’ market. Customers need increased flexibility with the products they purchase,” explains Smith. “By purchasing ADI vibratory feeding equipment that does not require specialized tooling, there is a cost savings benefit because it requires little to no specialization.” We provide the building blocks so that customers can adequately meet their needs, utilizing their own resources to assemble or tool a vibratory feeder bowl in their own manufacturing facility,” says Smith. When customers make standard equipment purchases it enables ADI to provide them with quicker turnaround times and expedited shipping, but it also requires a change of focus internally regarding inventory, staff and other resources.

Smith also notes that custom equipment purchases are far from being abandoned. “It is a huge part of our business that fulfills the needs of a different kind of customer – one with varying needs, more specific needs that cater to a more specific degree of specialization that cannot be achieved with standard equipment,” adds Smith.

“Along with the rise in standard equipment purchases, we are also seeing diversity in industries that we serve,” adds Smith. “For many years we would see industry specific surges. From automotive to ammunition to pharmaceutical, it seemed as if everything individually gained rapid momentum at one time or another,” says Smith. “Now, we are seeing less of that with a more consistent level across all manufacturing segments.” ADI sees this as a positive as it adds stability to the economy when we aren’t relying solely on one or two thriving industries to support the manufacturing sector. Industrial output is up in the U.S and companies continue to reshore. “It is a positive time in manufacturing, notes Smith.” The manufacturing world is constantly evolving - especially for small manufactures. We have to recognize these changes, adapt and evolve too.”

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