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Software by fCoder Gets New Features and Improved Processing of CAD Drawings

IT-developers fCoder SIA improve their software products in terms of work with CAD files by adding new features and supported formats


With the recently released updates, fCoder software can facilitate the work of a design engineering bureau, construction office or drafting department. Software solutions by fCoder – Print Conductor, FolderMill and DocuFreezer – got the ability to batch convert or print CAD drawings created in AutoCAD, Solid Edge, Design Review or SolidWorks and other programs.

Engineers and other specialists often have to convert data from one type to another in order to make changes or add notes to drawings. Sometimes there's a need to print a series of drawings for preview or approval. If done manually, these tasks would require much time, and new improvements and features can solve this issue.

Automated printing & conversion of CAD files

Whether there is a task to automate printing on a printer or plotter, convert a bunch of DWGs to PDF in black & white for preview, print a large detailed PDF containing complex CAD drawings, print a floor plan at a specific scale, or accomplish something similar, this can be done faster with software by fCoder. It can process industry-specific CAD formats, such as DWG, DXF, DFT, DWF, SLDDRW, EDRW, PLT, HPGL, and more. It may be very handy for those involved in the computer-aided design, engineering, manufacturing (CAD, CAE, CAM), product design and construction.

These are some new features and improvements added in the latest versions:

Print Conductor

- Ability to batch print multiple DWG and DXF files without CAD software
- New supported formats: Macro-enabled Microsoft Visio (VSDM), MathCAD (XMCD), Mathcad Prime (MCDX) and Solid Edge (DFT)
- Ability to print multi-page DWFX drawings
- New scaling options for DWG, DWGX, DXF drawings
- Compatibility with eDrawings Viewer 2019
- Ability to add crop marks (cut marks)


- Ability to print and convert AutoCAD, MathCAD or Solid Edge files without CAD software
- Compatibility with eDrawings Viewer 2019
- Automated printing of MathCAD XMCD, MCDX drawings
- Improved "Filter by Paper Size" with better paper size detection
- Page scaling & page orientation settings
- Multi-page options: split, merge, append
- Compatibility with eDrawings Viewer 2019
- Automated printing to several printers at the same time, and more


- Ability to batch convert multiple DWG and DXF files without CAD software
- Ability to split, merge, combine multipage CAD files to PDF or TIFF
- Ability to add text watermarks to document pages
- New built-in OCR which recognizes text in scans, images, documents, technical drawings, and more

Document processing engines of these programs are capable of manipulating large volumes of drawings. The software is compatible with any type of printer (plotter) including wide format CAD printers. The company also provides command line software tools and a virtual printer Universal Document Converter which is compatible with most other programs.

Moreover, most of these tools can perform auto-rotating, splitting, merging, watermarking, renaming of documents and have other options to adjust or manipulate a document.

It can take much time when there's a need to batch print or plot a series of DWG files to certain printers or plotters or to publish them to the PDF format if one does it manually. The software can do it faster – in batches or automatically. It can save many work hours when printing (plotting), conversion to another format, or both.

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