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Worthy Causes Collaborative Crowdfunding Community Launch

New Crowdfunding Platform, Worthy Causes, Substantially Increases Fundraising Success By Integrating Education, Social Networking, and Marketing Components.


Worthy Causes Is An Exclusive Collaborative Crowdfunding Community. Membership In Worthy Causes Is Limited To One Hundred (100) Organizations.

Worthy Causes Collaborative Crowdfunding Community, announced today at a fundraising conference that it is launching a new platform specifically designed to increase success rates and amounts raised for organizations needing to fund serial, and sustainable, projects.

“While serving as a fundraising consultant to non-profit organizations around the world, I have noticed that most, who are now moving into the crowdfunding arena, are having difficulty attaining a decent, or reasonable, measure of success. That’s why we developed Worthy Causes. Worthy Causes will include comprehensive components, and support, that will dramatically empower fundraising efforts,” said Mark Robinson, CEO and founder of Worthy Causes Collaborative Crowdfunding Community.

Worthy Causes will successfully assist a limited number members with going to the next level in crowdfunding implementation. The Collaborative Crowdfunding Community, Worthy Causes, has eliminated many of the prohibitive, and competitive, features that create a losing environment at most major crowdfunding platforms.

Some of the negative feedback, and complaints, Worthy Causes staff has received relative to current crowdfunding platform practices include; very low success rates; hidden cost in fee structures; crowdfunding sites using campaigns for internal marketing purposes; sites asking donors for tips; several external links on campaign pages; funds on hold to collect interest from banks; very poor customer service; non-transparency and disclosure; limited support; limits on amounts requested, campaign duration, and number of campaigns.

All of the above contribute to a substantial waste of time, energy, and resources for most crowdfunding campaign publishers.

“We regret that we will not be able to support more organizations with our enhanced level of crowdfunding services. It is imperative, in fulfilling our mission, that we provide the highest level of engagement possible. That requires exclusivity!” adds Sharon Shapiro, Fundraising Consultant for Worthy Causes Collaborative Crowdfunding Community.

Worthy Causes will also provide numerous resources and references, free courses, articles, and a mentor service to help facilitate fundraising empowerment. Scheduled launch date for Worthy Causes Collaborative Crowdfunding Community is April 3rd, 2019.

There are too many Worthy Causes features and benefits to mention in this brief news release. Visit  to access more details and special savings offers from Worthy Causes Collaborative Crowdfunding Community.

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