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Team Elysium Inc. Unveils New Medical Device for Measuring Posture

Team Elysium Inc. suggests the new paradigm of healthcare with its new medical device, POM-Checker, operated by AI.


[Seoul, KR – 13 Feb 2109] Team Elysium Inc., the medical IT start up in Korea unveils its new medical device, POM Checker, analyzing musculoskeletal disorders at CES 2019. The company noticed the discomfort of doctors and patients from the methods, and tried to resolve it. This led to the development of musculoskeletal measuring device, POM Checker, which is applied with image processing technology and AI. The device digitizes and presents measured values in real time so that it helps doctors and patients caring posture disorders easier.

POM Checker scans targets with 3D cameras using Depth and RGB and extracts and analyzes major joint motion information through artificial intelligence. Conventional instruments or marker de-adhesion are not required, because the 3D camera correctly extracts the target's joint position. The accuracy of the extracted joint data is only around ±3° or so in measurement error using the unique algorithm and AI technology developed by the startup. Due to its technology, it is able to maximize reproducibility. All of these processes digitize and present measured values in real time, so that a mere five seconds of diagnosis can best identify a patient's condition.

It also suggests connected healthcare between doctors and patients. Doctors can check the diagnostic process, results, and data wherever they want. This is due to a patient management system that is synchronized to multiple PCs. The results of the measurement and the cumulative measurement are immediately generated and printed as a report, and sent to the individual mobile devices of the patient. Various methods of motion that suits the patient's condition is provided based on all of these data combined.

Team Elysium Inc. ultimately presents healthcare services optimized for the emerging paradigm of health care for both physicians and patients, particularly for the musculoskeletal field. The company's technical skills and vision for connected healthcare were first introduced to the world market through CES 2019. Based on this, the startup plans to actively promote the use of other products that are currently under development and actively participate in the realization of digital healthcare. Customers can access more information on the company’s website or email

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