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Local author releases new book: Three Towers.

The Bard of Sron gives an ominous prediction to three people who could not be more different; a star-crossed princess, a rebellious cow herd, and an honor-bound knight; but two things connect each of them: a bard and a tower.


Kellan Publishing will be releasing Jenni Arnold's newest fantasy Three Towers on February 24h. The story starts in a fantasy land but the release happens in O'Fallon, MO. Presented by Kellan Publishing.

There will be a facebook Live Event on February 15th at 7 o'clock CST.

“Writing has been more than a hobby for me,” explained the author. “It's great to have a finished product to show for it!”

The seven kingdoms have loosely connected through blood, marriage, and treaty for over a hundred years but a star appears to warn that destruction is eliminated. There is only one way to save the world: find the three towers.
The towers have been hidden for centuries but a bard sees a vision of three strangers: a fisherman, a knight, and a princess. These enemies must unite on a quest to save their kingdoms and their lives. Treachery forces them together but need makes them allies. The three adventurers must put their differences aside and find the strings that connect them.

About the Author

Jenni Arnold has always been a writer, even when she worked as a teacher, a banker, and a pizza cook. She has no plans to stop writing.

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Contact Info
Jenni Arnold
2107 Zumbehl Rd
St. Peters, MO 63303

Phone: 6362402136