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Child Abduction And Keeping Kids Safe - New Children's Book, Paddy The Wee Leprechaun By Viki Doyle Heagy, Teaches Children About The Danger Of Wandering Too Far From Home

Heagy writes faith based, inspiring children's books that focus on issues such as bullying, teamwork, shyness, friendship and character building.


A missing child is a parent's greatest fear. It is urgent that all of us - parents, grandparents and educators - impress upon children, (without frightening them), that the world can be a dangerous place. Author Viki Doyle Heagy has written an enchanting and entertaining children's book that does just that, featuring a fascinating character, Paddy the Wee Leprechaun. The book teaches this simple lesson in a way that will engage children in an exciting adventure and would be especially appropriate as a St. Patrick's Day gift.

Paddy is adventurous which tends to get him into trouble. One day he is late home for dinner. His mother is extremely worried and calls upon all leprechauns and fairies in the glen to help search for him. Will Paddy be found? And will Paddy learn from his mistake? This exciting tale will have kids guessing and wondering where Paddy is while presenting a moral to the story, teaching young children not to stray too far away from home.

"Paddy The Wee Leprechaun was originally written for my children," Heagy stated. "I wanted a story that was entertaining and characters that children would love. As the story evolved, I realized that I had the opportunity to convey a valuable lesson to children. This book stresses the importance of staying close to home and the dangers of wandering off.

"My goal for this book is to make Paddy The Wee Leprechaun a book for all seasons, not just for St Patrick’s Day. I hope this book will provide an opening for parents and teachers to talk to children about the importance of letting an adult know where they are at all times and the dangers they can encounter. Child abduction and human trafficking are huge problems in the world today. Since 1983, May 25th has been designated as National Missing Children’s Day. In 2001, The Global Missing Children’s Network made this International Missing Children’s Day as well. If this book helps just one child to remain safe, I will be happy."

Viki believes reading to children is the best gift you can give them. It opens up a new world of adventure and knowledge. Stories should be fun and teach a lesson. A favorite quote of Viki’s is attributed to Albert Einstein. He said “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

Heagy was inspired to write children's book as her grandchildren love story time and look forward to the quality time spent with their “Kiki”. When they started pre-school, Viki realized that her granddaughters had concerns about a number of issues. In response she has produced four kids books to date:

Izzie The Inchworm's First Day of School
This book, for preschoolers up to age 8, features Izzie and her friends Barney Beetle, Flora Firefly, Lucy Ladybug and Sam and Stan the Spider twins.

Izzie and her friends provide important lessons on shyness, friendship and character building. This book also provides an opening for a discussion on bullying.

Barney's Clubhouse Adventure
Barney’s Clubhouse Adventure is an entertaining story about teamwork. It picks up the story line from the first book, Izzie the Inchworm’s First Day of School. Barney, Izzie and their friends decide to meet and work on the project. They all have different ideas on how to build the clubhouse. They begin working individually. Disagreements occur. After some discussion, they finally decide on a design.

Barney and his friends learn how to communicate and work together. They realize that by working together as a team, they can accomplish a lot. Everyone uses their talent to help build a fun place to play and hangout. They learn that Together Everyone Achieves More.

Lucy Ladybug Becomes a Big Sister
Lucy Ladybug is excited. Her parents are adopting! Her new brothers and sisters come from Hawaii. Mr. and Mrs. Ladybug host a luau to welcome them to the forest. The new ladybug kids have shells that are a pretty purple. Their adoptive family have red shells. This blended family knows that all that matters is love. Children will learn that color does not matter. Love and acceptance are the key issues.

Lucy Ladybug Becomes a Big Sister centers on adoption and deals with diversity of color. This new adventure will keep children on the edge of their seat while learning a positive lesson. The Izzie The Inchworm series provides a fun way to talk to your children about the issues they face today.

Paddy the Wee Leprechaun
An enchanting and entertaining story following the disappearance of Paddy the Wee Leprechaun. Paddy is adventurous which tends to get him into trouble. One day he is late for dinner. His mother becomes extremely worried and calls upon the leprechauns and fairies in the glen to help search for him. Will Paddy be found?

This exciting tale will have readers guessing where Paddy is while presenting a lesson, teaching children not to stray too far away from home.

Schools, clubs and organizations can contact Viki for special pricing on large quantities.

Viki Doyle Heagy is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at All of her books are available at online retailers. More information is available at her website.

About Viki Doyle Heagy

Born and raised in western Pennsylvania, Viki Doyle Heagy has built her life with a strong foundation of prioritizing faith and family. She hopes the characters in her books inspire and motivate children, as well as provide a spring board for parents and teachers to discuss issues facing children today.

Currently she is employed at the Community College of Beaver County where she holds a fulltime position in admissions/registration. She is also an alumnus having received associate degrees in Humanities and Business Administration.

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