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The World According to Dog-Amusing Life Lessons Taught by Dogs

Some of the best teachers in life are dogs; if we pay close attention to the canny canine lessons they have to share.


Told with moving stories and fun anecdotes, this compendium of tales and tips is the perfect companion for any dog owner or owner-to-be.

Phoenix, AZ– Ask any dog lover if their pup has lessons to teach, and they’ll answer strongly in the affirmative. Despite this fact, owning a canine still proves something of a mystery to many. Even trained humans get confused when it comes to providing proper nutrition and socialization, how to interpret a dog’s special language and the various ways to show compassion for all animals.

Tori Levitt unlocks the magic of dog-loving and dog-learning in, The World According to Dog: Amusing Life Lessons Taught to Us by Dogs. This instructive “guide” poses as a simple collection of humorous and touching real-life stories to enlighten dog owners or those who aspire to acquire a canine companion. All the while, though, it’s teaching deep lessons (and hiding awesome coupons, btw!).

Through years of interacting with dogs in her Phoenix-based cage-free boarding service with an army of devoted employees (“dog nannies),” Levitt has learned the many lessons dogs have to teach us. With true stories of doggies in all stages of life – from puppyhood to maturity, middle age to the golden years – Levitt illuminates dog ownership for current owners and owners-to-be.

While the stories are light, the issues covered in this book are surprisingly weighty. She covers tough topics such as poor nutrition and epic canine cancer, saying goodbye peacefully and combatting cruelty to animals. The book is filled with plenty of hilarious and heartwarming anecdotes to give readers a chuckle or bring a tear to the eye.

Next time dog-lovers head to the park bench for a bit of reading while their canine carouses, or snuggle up by the fireside for a solid bonding session with their dog, they’ve got the perfect reading material. For those ready to learn all the wonderful lessons a dog has to teach us, The World According to Dog is on the ball.

The book is now available through Amazon, so pick up a copy today

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