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Cynaptx to enhance the career service platform

Texas based software solution provider Cynaptx has opened up its Career Services Management platform for unrestricted trial for educational institutions and universities. This trial is going to enhance the universities/Colleges performance towards interacting with students and organisations while reaching out for campus placement.


Texas based software solution provider Cynaptx has opened up its Career Services Management platform for free trial by educational institutions and universities. Using the free trial, Universities/Colleges can have access to all the premium features of the Cynaptx platform for 14 days. The company has the legacy of providing software products and consulting for a significantly large customer base in US and Canada for more than two decades. Cynaptx is a modern, AI driven CSM platform that is affordable and easy to use.

“Career Services technology space is currently flooded with solutions that uses obsolete technology rendering below par user experience for the Staff Members, Students and Recruiters. Students and Recruiters refrain from using systems that are cumbersome to use which results in poor interaction and coordination within the Career Services ecosystem of an institute. Also, the staff members end up spending considerable amount of their time and effort on mundane tasks which can be readily automated. This is where Cynaptx will make a huge difference with its easy to use user interface which is quite similar to the popular social media platforms, artificial Intelligence assisted job recommendations for students, integration capabilities and built-in workflow engine that streamlines the process flow. Cynaptx facilitates seamless communication between all the stakeholders.” says Shanthi Subramaniam, CEO.

Universities and institutes that wish to leverage on new age technology to optimize their Career Services function can avail the free 14 days Trial of Cynaptx by signing up at The users do not have to provide credit cards or any other commitments whatsoever. By signing up for the free trial, users can evaluate the product for all three roles - Staff, Student and Recruiter.

Being a SaaS based application hosted on highly reliable elastic cloud, Cynaptx does not require the Institute to make investments on hardware infrastructure. Considering the advantages and flexibility it offers to the customers, Cynaptx is a game changer in the Career Services Management software market. Cynaptx is currently being used by some of the largest universities in US. In addition to supporting single location institutes, Cynaptx can easily cater to the requirements of Universities with multiple branches/locations and integrate all their functions. With the advent of Cynaptx, Career Services function is undergoing a radical change in United States powered by the most modern technology stack currently available.

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