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CrowdPouch announces the launch of alpha version of fund raising platform

CrowdPouch announces the launch of alpha version of, an innovating fundraising platform.


Germany, March 2019 - Crowdpouch, crowdfunding startup, announced its going public in the month of April. Their mission is to demystify the crowdfunding process and to transform the way the world helps you. Crowdpouch helps project creators to pitch their ideas straight to the worldwide audience.

Crowdpouch engages backers to feel like they are part of a substantial cause. Their support process facilitates project creators to run a stress-free campaign, by using guidance and expertise.

Founded by a team of crowdfunding specialists, Crowdpouch serves to reinforce the bond between the project creator and backers thus helping them build long-term relationships. The net result is an enhanced funding experience for the project creators.

“For every 10 projects funded we will sponsor an underprivileged child by providing amenities and education” said Vittal, the founder of CrowdPouch.

CrowdPouch Features:

Instant Payouts : Campaigners instantly receive funds directly in their stripe account, unlike other platforms.
An engaged community : Crowdpouch helps you build an online community of like-minded people who support the idea of trouble-free funding models for small projects.
Lead Generation: Crowdpouch assists campaigners in generating leads by building a strong community.
PR Content and Distribution : Crowdpouch has a team of marketers who provides consulting to the campaigners and help them reach their goal.

About CrowdPouch:

Located at Stuttgart in Germany, Crowdpouch was founded by Vittal Ramakrishna, a Crowdfunding specialist, in 2018.
Crowdpouch has already helped its users raise € 10,000 for various causes. They aim to work with folks from diverse sectors across the world, by helping them to bring their entrepreneurial or social ideas to life. For more information on CrowdPouch, please visit

Contact Info
Vittal Ramakrishna
Crowdpouch UG, C/O Wizemann.Space, Quellenstrasse 7a,
Stuttgart, Germany 70376

Phone: 0049 1634209190