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Novum Global Ventures Launches Official Blockchain Accelerator Program Named Novum Global Accelerator

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Singapore - March 19, 2019 - Novum Global Ventures, a global blockchain tech company based in Singapore that offers end-to-end solutions to startups focusing on skills needed to develop their business via fundraising, marketing, announced today that it has launched its accelerator program, Novum Global Accelerator. Novum Global Ventures has begun accepting applications for potential new startups.

Novum Global Ventures was developed from the team behind Novum Capital, a blockchain advisory firm, which has had many notable and successful projects in 2018. Novum Global Ventures Chairman Chris Low, and CEO Victor Chow, are both serial entrepreneurs with strong backgrounds in fundraising, fintech, and business development. Mr. Low and Mr. Chow both saw that there was a strong need to create this accelerator program to help the many startups they are seeing in the global marketplace.

Novum Global Accelerator is a 3-month program that will engage startups, allowing them access to extensive resources including experienced mentors and best practices in launching a company. The program is aimed at maximizing company operations and pushing them to outperform. The Accelerator program will also offer informative workshops, sharing sessions, access to industry partners, investor introductions and access to their list of experts in their industry.

“Our accelerator program was created to help the many innovative startups we are seeing in the marketplace,” said Chris Low, Chairman at Novum Global Ventures. “There is a plethora of talent out there that needs assistance in helping them to get in front of the right people for funding, and to develop their business structure to make it that much more marketable and equitable especially in the blockchain space which is very competitive.”

Both Mr. Low and Mr. Chow have had success starting their own successful companies in Southeast Asia. Mr. Chow was founding CEO of Singapore-based Fintech Accelerator INSPIRASIA. Both gentlemen are poised to assist fintech start-ups on a global level. Applications will be open until 30th March 2019 on their official website.

About Novum Global Ventures:

Novum Global Ventures is a team of experienced professionals who understand what is needed to help start-ups in this new world of fintech, blockchain and digital asset tech. Novum’s team members have accumulated years of experience running and starting tech companies from a development, fundraising, and marketing standpoint. Novum’s team members have contributed to the successful and compliant raise for their projects.

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