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ServReality represents a new AI-equipped chatbot solution for the energy sector

ServReality was pleased to announce a new AI-equipped virtual chatbot solution that boosts sales up to 70% and drastically improves customer satisfaction in Kiev, Ukraine July 25, 2018.


ServReality was pleased to announce a new AI-equipped virtual chatbot solution that boosts sales up to 70% and drastically improves customer satisfaction in Kiev, Ukraine July 25, 2018. Customer expectations have incredibly changed over the last years. With digital transformation and the constantly evolving digital landscape, customers become hyper-connected across a wide range of devices mobiles and tablets; they expect fast responses and immediate results across their lifecycle and experience across all touch points. With such varied expectations, no single service representative or account manager could possibly understand all the users’ heightened expectations.

Kate Leggett, Vice President and Principal Analyst of Forrester, once reported: “Companies will continue to explore the power of intelligent agents to add conversational interfaces to static self-service content. They will anticipate needs by context, preferences, and prior queries and will deliver proactive alerts, relevant offers, or content.”

ServReality has developed an AI-driven virtual expert chatbot combining voice-activated search technology with an application programming interface (API) that introduces information found online in an organized, detailed response to user’s questions.

“Gathering data from the global market, customers, staff and clients is an essential part of business and how that data is amassed forms an integral part of how effectively it can be used. By utilising chatbots – either through a text conversation on your phone/computer, or by speaking to an interface, you can engage with the user more naturally and lead the conversation smoothly so that all details are captured and perform data quality checks in real time.”
wrote Peter Chastin, Senior Associate at PwC. That helps the sales team understand their customers’ wants and needs in any sector. Developed NLP-fueled virtual expert informs sales personnel about factors that influence utility usage within a particular sector. The intelligent virtual assistant also allows leaders, account managers or executives to use voice-powered commands or type queries to perform research. When ServReality tested its AI-equipped chatbot solution, it demonstrated the following results:

- Helped sales reps accomplish important meetings and events better.
- Enabled sales staff to be advised on key factors related to specific business aspects.
- Automated research and development that previously required human intervention.
- Provided immediate access to needed data through a voice or keyboard interface.

Established in 2013, ServReality company with headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine is a provider of custom software development services for a wide range of business verticals. ServReality is trusted and driven by Agile development methodology with process excellence and execution transparency. Aiming to create innovative products ServReality helps companies implement digital transformations and drive revenue. ServReality company provides a full range of web and mobile solutions such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality, artificial intelligence, deep and machine learning, neural networks and natural language processing (NLP) to empower your business and make great progress. Rely on ServReality’s end-to-end services and watch how your idea evolves from a concept into a successful digital solution. For questions about this release, contact:

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