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XinFin Partners With AiX, A Leading AI Trading Platform Backed By Major Regulated Financial Institutions

XinFin will provide the live beta environment for pilot testing the creation, trading, and integration of tokenized bonds.


XinFin Network, an open source enterprise-friendly hybrid blockchain platform has partnered with London-based AiX, a leading AI Trading Platform backed by a FINRA-registered Wall Street Brokerage Firm. AiX has a team of experienced inter-dealer brokers holding FINRA Series 7, 63, 55 and 24 designations in the US in addition to FCA registrations in the UK.

As a part of this partnership, XinFin will extend its platform and technology to AiX for the creation and trading of tokenized digital bonds. The AiX platform will leverage XinFin TestNet simulation for demonstration and integration of tokenized bonds. XinFin will provide continuous support to the AiX team for this simulation and integration of the project through to commercial production by deploying XinFin Public Network masternodes on TestNet that recently went live.


XinFin Public Network is an EVM compliant public network with KYC enforced masternodes with randomized Delegated Proof of Stake consensus that achieves decentralization with high throughput. The Hybrid architecture ensures the privacy of sensitive data and transaction information is operated in the private network while a limited set of data and transactions can be relayed on the XinFin Public Network.

Digital Bond Creation PoC link is available at

The global infrastructure gap is projected to be $15 trillion by 2040 and XinFin’s focus is to bridge this gap by providing liquidity access to global institutional investors through investments in critical physical infrastructure projects including power, water, and transportation.


Sharing his excitement on formalizing AiX and XinFin collaboration, Joseph Appalsamy, Head of Business Development said, “We look forward to this exciting collaboration with AiX as we team up to help bridge the global infrastructure gap by delivering innovatively regulated infra asset and instrument tokenization trading and market making to unlock liquidity.”

AiX will help XinFin in new market making and secondary trading of digital infrastructure bonds through tokenization of IAC (Infrastructure as an Asset Class) and matching of price-points, risk and return profiles.

AiX will extend its latest technological tools and platform to XinFin for newer/secondary markets generation and for integration with XinFin TestNet. AiX will connect syndicate leads led by market makers, dealers, brokers, banks and institutional investors over their AI trading platform. XinFin will use AiX platform for OTC Trading and will get continuous support from AiX technology and hybrid institutional broking team.

Jos Evans, CEO, AiX said, “AiX is thrilled to be a part of this brave new world in finance. We are firm believers in the future of the security token ecosystem and will work tirelessly with the XinFin team to ensure the best execution for these new products by using our unique AI broker service to source liquidity globally.”

About AiX:
AiX platform uses AI to connect traders across Financial Markets. AiX provides instant, trader-to-trader interaction, removing the need for inter-dealer-brokerage through groundbreaking AI. Underpinned by award-winning cognitive reasoning technology and the power of blockchain technology, AiX connects traders across markets and provides unprecedented insight and control. AiX makes trading simpler, smoother and more secure, boosting profits in the process. AiX team of experienced inter-dealer brokers hold FINRA Series 7, 63, 55 and 24 designations in the US and FCA registered in the UK. Ombrello Solutions is a trading name of Arian Financial LLP [FCA registration number 415230] – an established London based Inter-Dealer Broker which has been providing liquidity across all asset classes, in the Institutional market for 18 years.


About XinFin Network:
XinFin is an open source Hybrid Blockchain protocol initiated out of Singapore. XinFin Network[XDCE] is a utility network that lets enterprises deploy real-world applications on the Hybrid Blockchain Protocol in a conducive, compliant, and regulation-friendly environment for diverse use cases in trade, finance, remittance, supply chain, healthcare, and other industrial areas to improve business efficiency. The XDC Dev Environment encourages developers to build DAPPs using smart contracts. The XinFin community derives its success from the ecosystem comprising of developers, network utility, and long-term backers.






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