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New author releases enthralling YA Mystery Novel: S.L. Weiss’s The Diary Captivates Mystery Lovers

YA Novel, compared to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, will be released on April 9th.


UNION LAKE, Michigan: The Diary, the first installment in Stacey Weiss’s Cursed series, will be released in hardcover and eBook formats on April 9, 2019. Reviews have expressed admiration for Weiss’s skill in constructing a story about what happens when what appears to be a harmless relic turns out to harbor true evil.

The Diary centers on a girl named Ana, and her best friend, Sophie. When the two stumble across an antique shop called “Mystic Wonders,” Ana is drawn to an old relic—a diary. Having rekindled her interest in journaling, Ana begins to write in the diary. But after a while, something evil takes over Ana. Strange things begin happening at the girls’ school, and it seems that those events directly relate to what she writes in the mysterious diary. Reviews have compared the book to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, for its themes exploring mystery and the potential for evil. Other reviewers have commented, “I was entertained and enthralled enough to read this in one sitting and am looking forward to the second book since this one does not end all neatly wrapped up … it leaves one wondering and wanting more.” Check out more reviews here.

S.L. Weiss is an accidental author, never having intended to write a book. But when she couldn’t get her imaginative stories out of her head, she decided to turn to the computer to write them down. The Diary is the first in Weiss’s Cursed series. Both eBook and hardcover versions will be available on April 9th. Check out purchasing information for The Diary here. The second installment in the Cursed series, The Mirror, is scheduled to be released in 2020.

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