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Fisher Heaton helping to Save the Planet, one Board Game at a Time

With the launch of Gartenbau, board game publisher Fisher Heaton is planting trees and researching ways to help reduce the resources used in the gaming hobby.


Charlotte, NC -- Fisher Heaton Games is committed to helping protect our planet. We're partnering with One Tree Planted ( to help reduce our carbon footprint by planting trees to replenish the cardboard and wood we are using to manufacture our newest game, Gartenbau. A tree will be planted for every single copy of Gartenbau that is manufactured and sold.

Additionally, we are researching ways to have as little plastic as possible in the final product. This may include forgoing a traditional plastic insert, only providing wooden or cardboard components, and using less plastic in the disposable packaging.
As our hobby expands, we hope to show that the industry can continue to produce quality games with far less impact on our environment.

"I love playing and designing board games, and I am happy to see the hobby grow! Unfortunately, inherent with that growth is waste. Every little bit that we can do to help our world should be seen as an opportunity.”
-David Abelson

Gartenbau is available on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform from March 26th through April 22nd (Earth Day.) It will be available in retail stores January 2020.

Gartenbau is a game of tile laying, flower crafting, and garden growing with a unique three-dimensional tile layering mechanic where you lay tiles next to, and then on top of one another.

Players are gardeners racing to create and grow a garden full of flowers, seedlings and plants, in an effort to earn the most prestige by fulfilling each flower’s unique growing requirements. The player with the most prestige at the end of the game is crowned The Master Gardener.

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