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Where Do the Hottest Architects and Engineers Want to Work in 2019?

New A/E/C Employer of Choice® Research Identifies Firms with Breakthrough Levels of Engagement and Satisfaction


Newton, MA, April 19, 2019: PSMJ Resources, Inc., the global leader in business management data and guidance specifically for architects and engineers, announces it is now accepting entries for the A/E/C Employer of Choice® Award, the industry’s first recognition of firms that are winning employee recruitment and retention battles by achieving superior levels of worker engagement.

“When it comes to talent, it’s a seller’s market right now,” says PSMJ principal Greg Hart. “Architecture and engineering firms have more work than they have people to do it, and firms actively improving how employees connect with colleagues, leaders, projects, and clients are seeing lower turnover and better applicants.”

Unlike most meaningless “best firms to work for” awards, A/E/C Employer of Choice® selection criteria is based on the results of a 70-factor survey of a firm’s employees, with a high minimum participation ratio to ensure truly representative and accurate data for analysis. Employee responses are kept anonymous to improve candor, but participating firm leaders do receive a custom report for understanding where to close engagement gaps and how to benchmark levels of morale against similar A/E/C firms.

“For too long, A/E/C firm principals and leaders have had to rely on anecdotes, gut-feelings, and complaints from the squeakiest wheel to get a sense of the workplace zeitgeist,” says PSMJ Founder Frank Stasiowski, FAIA. “That’s a terrible way to fix problems or make important decisions. With the A/E/C Employer of Choice 70-factor process, we’ll finally have some data-driven answers about why employees leave, why some underperform, and why it’s so hard for some firms to fill open positions.”

Firms wishing to be considered for the 2019 A/E/C Employer of Choice® award simply apply at PSMJ’s website before the June 14, 2019 deadline and, if they meet criteria, receive a link to the online engagement survey. Employees then have until June 28 to submit survey responses directly to PSMJ. Winning firms will be announced at PSMJ’s annual THRIVE conference October 2-4 in New Orleans.

Win or lose, all participating firms will receive a confidential Executive Summary Report on the highlights and lowlights of their employee engagement status. Winners also benefit from an “A/E/C Employer of Choice Winner” virtual medallion for display on their own career site as well as 3rd party recruiting sites, and public recognition through PSMJ’s extensive digital, print, and social media dissemination channels.

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