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New Partnership between Basebone and Zoomin

Basebone and Zoomin Work Together to Give GenZ Consumers Access to the Thought-Provoking News and Feature Video-Stories they are Demanding


When it comes to the Gen Z audience, traditional news sources just aren’t cutting it. That’s what Basebone believes is behind the notable growth in Gen Z subscriber interest in the unique news and feature stories offered by its partner, Zoomin.TV.

Basebone, through its flagship content portal Baseplay, provides a full suite of entertainment & educational products developed for mobile users but accessible from any web-enabled device. It includes five great verticals packed with content including movies, series, music, mobile games, health & fitness, education, and even content for kids.

Zoomin, makes original stories with a daily production of 10 high end short form videos. In serial and factual form stories like GenZ make the local, global. Follow Local Heroes as they change things for the better, look out for social trends, inspiring activists, entertainers, thought leaders and much more.
The Gen Z audience is considered the largest and most influential single population segment.

The partnership signed between both companies in 2017, allowed for access to the large catalogue of videos which Zoomin has available to be provided to Basebone’s English-speaking users across 2 continents.

“The public is looking for access to the thought-provoking content that traditional media is simply not giving them,” said Benito Alvarez, Chief Marketing Executive at Basebone. “That is especially true among those born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s. The unique stories that Zoomin is offering our discerning subscribers in this age bracket is leading to conversations on serious issues as well as striking an emotional cord.”

“Our stories are meant to inspire Gen Z. Our partnership with Basebone has expanded our ability to bring this audience the compelling and authentic online video-storytelling they are craving,” said Roger Lodewick, CEO, Zoomin “Only good storytelling hooks the audience and reaches the unreachable. The jump in viewers shows that we are giving them what they want.”

“We are very much about purposeful performance so the relationship with Zoomin is an ideal fit for our like missions. Entertainment plays an important role in individual and social development and creates enjoyment, connections and growth that has been extended by the mobile ecosystem,” said Alvarez. “We strive to be part of this change by delivering mobile entertainment experiences worldwide. And it is essential to us that we provide shared value to not only our subscribers but also to win-win partnerships like that with Zoomin”

Statistics and research by the Pew Institute and an Inc. magazine confirm that Zoomin business model is on target with this audience. According to statistics and research, four of the qualities that define the Gen Z age group are: their preference for on-demand learning as compared to formal education; the high priority they put on digital communications since they are the first generation of “digital natives”; their view of themselves as “global citizens”; and their “do-it-yourself” mentality.

“Our goal at Basebone is to continually make available to our valued subscribers the very best in information and digital content. Strong partnerships such as the one we enjoy with Zoomin ensures that we can do that,” said Benito Alvarez.

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About Basebone
Basebone is a digital content provider focused on the mobile industry. Sourcing, building and advertising content services directly to millions of smartphone users. Their flagship product ‘Baseplay’ comprises games, music and streaming services. The freemium model offers users to view limited content for free or to subscribe for unlimited access, without ads.

About Zoomin
Zoomin.TV is a video producer based in Amsterdam that works daily with 3,000+ video journalists in over 100 countries. Zoomin.TV publishes more than 200 videos every month in the most important 10 languages, reaching over 2B views per month through their own platforms and through the +2,000 platforms of their partners and clients.

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