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Evervue USA Inc. Launches Grand Mirrors Lighted Mirrors with Philips LED Lights

Grad Mirrors premium quality lighted mirrors now with Philips LED Lights Launched by Evervue USA Inc.


Evervue USA Inc. introduces Grand Mirrors premium lighted mirrors integrated with Philips LED Lights.

Adding to its powerful light options are the new Philips Warm Light, Mid-warm Light and Cool Light LED lights.
Grand Mirrors integrates a light transfer technology that makes the light directed towards the person resulting in a very effective light that is up to 3 times brighter than other mirrors.

With its Captured LED light Technology and Equal Light Distribution, the mirrors are installed with a difuser to spread out the light equally over the lighted parts of the mirror resulting to a high quality, beautiful and efficient lighting.
The standard Grand Mirrors LED light options are still available in Cool, Warm and True Light with wireless dimmers available.

To know more about the new Philips LED Lighting options, please visit

About Grand Mirrors Inc.:
Grand Mirrors designs and manufactures the highest quality lighted mirrors for customers around the world since 2012. With their innovative craftsmanship and superior customer service, they aspire to deliver made to measure lighted mirrors fit for any space in your home, spa, stores, hotels or restaurants.

Manufactured by Evervue USA Inc., Grand Mirrors bring premium quality lighted mirrors with different frames and customization options to choose from. With innovative craftsmanship and superior products, Grand Mirrors aspire to deliver made-to-measure lighted mirrors fit for any space in homes, salons, hotels, restaurants, and many more.

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