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CiviQuo is calling RCBI industry stakeholders to share their views

CiviQuo is calling industry stakeholders to share their views and to help shape the direction of future policy


Valletta, Malta -- In January 2019, the EU commission published a report on investor citizenship and residence schemes in the EU. In this report the Commission, explored the risks associated with the industry, including security, money-laundering, corruption and tax evasion. It also explored the shortcoming in transparency and governance of such programmes. In this report, the Commission advised that it had set up a support group of experts, and set specific objectives for this group. In parallel, the Commission is also organising consultation meetings with industry representatives.

On 16th May, the European Commission will be hosting the first targeted stakeholder meeting on investor citizenship and residence schemes in the EU.

Mr Yakof, the CEO and Founder of CiviQuo, who will take part in the meeting, is calling on industry participants to share their views with the Commission, to help shape the direction of future policy.

“Even though CiviQuo started operating in August 2018, we have since gained a strong international following. Now that we have the opportunity to represent the industry at the EU Commission’s first stakeholder consultation, we felt that the most logical and responsible thing to do is to enable our network to contribute.’

The survey, explained by Mr Yakof, mirrors the questions, which will be explored during the first consultation meeting. Survey results will be made publicly accessible in due course, and also presented to the EU Commission for their consideration.

My Yakof added that, “Civiquo is by the industry, for the industry, and we are showing this in practice. With everyone’s support, our knowledge of the industry, and by making the most of opportunities like this, we can be successful. To find a way forward, that works for service providers, for clients and for regulators and political bodies alike, we need to work together. Key word is together.”

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