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Keto Expert Reveals: No Fricken Weigh: 21 Days to Ditch the Diet – Free eBook and Transformation Course on 6/3-6/7

Tracee Gluhaich announces the release of her new book, No Fricken Weigh: 21 Days to Ditch the Diet and Lose Weight the Keto Way by Loving Yourself to Health. It launched as the #1 new release on Amazon and the Kindle version will be free to download tomorrow.


If you ever deprived yourself while dieting, looked in the mirror and hated the reflection, felt weak, old, fluffy, or unhappy, or are tired of starting over on Monday, then this book is for you.

“Women are using food to fill a void in their lives. This book is about filling that void with loving self-care practices and nourishing foods, so you don’t use food for comfort. You need a long-term strategy for healthy living, that is simple, enjoyable and easy to follow.”
~Tracee Gluhaich

In this book you’ll learn about all the lies you have been fed from the government and big food companies, how to engage in loving self-care practices, eat nourishing foods that provide massive energy, why the Ketogenic Diet is not a fad, how to heal your body through fasting, why you should focus on getting stronger, and how to create an empowering mindset.

Tracee is a certified holistic health coach and personal trainer. She teaches a wide range of group fitness classes, from boot camp to yoga. She is also a vibrant energy practitioner, speaker, and host of the podcasts: Be Well, Be Keto, and High Energy Girl.

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