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Keto Expert Offers FREE 21 Day Keto Transformation Workshop With Book Launch, the #1 New Release, No Fricken Weigh!

During the book launch week 6/5-6/7, No Fricken Weigh, 21 Days to Ditch the Diet and Lose Weight the Keto Way By Loving Yourself to Health is Free on Kindle.


Tracee Gluhaich, am Integrative Health Coach and Personal Trainer is giving away her 21 day Keto Transformation Challenge, with book purchase.

The challenge includes meal plans, workouts, self-care practices, and mindset work. You will transform your energy into a fat-burning machine.

If you've ever...
-lost weight and gained it back
-deprived yourself of the foods you enjoy, while on a diet
-eaten junk food when you were not even hungry
-or are tired of starting over on Monday,

Then this book and challenge is for you!

You will learn how to engage in loving self-care, eat nourishing foods that provide massive energy, move your body in empowering ways, and create a mindset of strength. Start reading now and finally achieve the energy and positive body image you deserve.

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High Energy Girl
12295 New Avenue,
San Martin, CA 95046

Phone: 4088924572