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Animiz Exhibited the Best Features of Its YouTube Intro Maker

Animiz showcased full-packed features during the release of its YouTube intro maker.


The most talked about release of the YouTube intro maker of Animiz has finally taken place this week and by far, it is earning tons of positive reviews. Animiz has successfully fulfilled the standard specifications for a YouTube intro maker. This is according to many users who witnessed the release of Animiz's YouTube intro maker. For one, Animiz made it easy for amateurs to create YouTube intro videos by eliminating the rigid coding and designing steps in the process. Because of the high-quality pre-made templates, Animiz users can readily produce engaging YouTube intro videos.

As the manager of Animiz, Jason Chan deliberately collaborated with his research and design team to figure out how Animiz could become more useful for users. As a result, the entire Animiz team integrated additional features on it and came up with a highly functional YouTube intro maker. Jason Chan said, "This idea did not just pop out from an individual's mind. The launch of the YouTube intro maker is a product from Animiz users' reviews and the design team's creativity." During the launch, Chan further said, "Animiz has the commitment to contribute to the continuous development of the video industry and thus, the launch of Animiz's YouTube intro maker is now happening."

Part of the features highlighted during the release of the YouTube intro maker is Animiz's expanded free video assets. This means that Animiz users will expect more built-in roles, flashes, images, callouts, sounds, etc. on the YouTube intro maker. Since Animiz has focused on producing compelling YouTube intro maker, it also allowed more flexible output options, which include, direct online uploading of videos, saving as GIF files and commonly used video formats such as .mp4, .mov, .avi and a lot more.

All other features of Animiz are still accessible by its users while those who are interested to use the YouTube intro maker may download Animiz for free at

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Animiz is popular today for its rich features, especially as a YouTube intro maker. Animiz has contributed to the popularity of personalized video production because of the numerous videos created through Animiz.

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