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Digbi Health and Great Heights Family Medicine Collaborate

Palo Alto, CA - Digbi Health, a privately held company based in Palo Alto, Ca, and Great Heights Family Medicine helmed


Digbi Health and Great Heights Family Medicine Collaborate to Offer Personalized Obesity Management and Weight Loss Programs tailored to DNA, Gut Biome and Blood Markers

Palo Alto, CA - Digbi Health, a privately held company based in Palo Alto, Ca, and Great Heights Family Medicine helmed by Dr. Adeyemi Fatoki, MD Bariatric Medicine in Ottawa, IL will be working together to offer the D-Feat and Control programs for Diabetes and Obesity reversal respectively. All of Digbi Health’s programs are based on data drawn from the individual's DNA, gut biome, conventional blood marker analysis, and supported by an AI-powered digital and person based health coaching and medical advice.

Digbi Health’s advanced personalized food, fitness, and performance programs provide:

• DNA and Gut Biome testing as a means to obtain personalized health data.
• A change to eliminate illnesses and live better through personalized care.
• Longitudinal gut biome tracking to ensure a lifetime of healthy gut flora.
• A mobile app that safely connects patients with their healthcare providers under the scope of the program for quick advice, accurate tracking and monitoring, and a safe process throughout.

Speaking about the partnership, Dr. Fatoki said, “People with high blood pressure, diabetes - those are conditions brought about by lifestyle. If you change the lifestyle, those conditions will leave. I’m glad to be associated with a program in action that understands individual constitution and helps in reversing medical conditions based on individual-specific data.”

Ranjan Sinha, CEO of Digbi Health said, “This partnership is aimed at helping Dr. Fatoki and passionate doctors like him around the world use programs that are designed to be personal. For far too long, we’ve used a one-size-fits-all approach to lifestyle disorders but science, research and our program data shows that this is not the case. We look forward to helping Dr. Fatoki’s patients successfully combat obesity and diabetes using our Control and D-Feat programs.”

About Digbi Health
Digbi Health is a Personalized Nutrition and Wellness digital therapeutic platform that distills the complex science of DNA, gut biome, traditional blood markers – into bespoke, simple and powerful AI-driven, responsive food and lifestyle programs that are supported by a network of doctors, coaches and food makers to ensure better outcomes for life. The company’s mission is to empower people to take control of their own health destiny and prevent and eliminate illness by harnessing their DNA and gut biome.

About Dr. Fatoki and Great Heights Family Medicine
Dr. Adeyemi Fatoki is board certified in Family Medicine, Obesity Medicine and Addiction Medicine and the co-founder of the Practical Weight Management Program. He owns and runs Great Heights Family Medicine. Dr Fatoki is a proponent of natural foods and a holistic approach to healthy lifestyle. Great Heights Family Medicine is his visionary practice.

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