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Comedian Lindsay Glazer Brings New Show to Tampa

Comedian Lindsay Glazer presents a night of comedy with headliner Steve Miller and host Jacoby Tyrone Bruton.


Tampa, FL – Comedian Lindsay Glazer, currently touring the country as The Alpha Bitch, is bringing a new show to Stageworks in Tampa on July 27. Headlined by Steve Miller, the show will also include Glazer in a featured set and opener/emcee Jacoby Tyrone Bruton.

Glazer, whose in-your-face rants have made a splash on YouTube, has quickly become a queen of the comedy circuit where she seamlessly blends an empowering message with stand-up comedy that's equal parts abrasive frustration and playful absurdity. Now on a club and theater tour across the country, fans can expect unflinching honesty in the face of life's obstacles from marriage to motherhood to millennials.

According to Glazer, being an Alpha Bitch is simply an extension of who she really is off stage, be it as a legendary criminal defense attorney, keeping her husband in line or raising her Alpha Baby.

"I say the things people are thinking, but wouldn't say in polite company. But I don't have to be polite. It's not in my nature to keep quiet," Glazer explained. "I love getting to know my audience and finding common ground in the little things ridiculous enough to make us all stop and laugh at it all."

Glazer's appearance will be one of her few Florida performances this year. She's already taken the stage in 12 states in 2019, including an invitation to Gilda's LaughFest in Michigan, an invite-only comedy festival named after the late Gilda Radner.

For this show, Glazer promises a strong lineup and plenty of laughter. "It's going to be a lot of fun," she said. "If you're looking for a safe space to share your emotions, find a drum circle. If you want to laugh your ass off, stop by and see us. Comedians don't bite."

Showtime is Saturday, July 27 at 7 p.m. Stageworks is located in the West Building, Suite 151 at 1120 E. Kennedy Blvd. Tickets are limited at a price of $15. To purchase tickets, visit and use the code PRESS for 10% off.

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