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Mike C Da Champ Drops "Grind 2 Get It"

Staying focused can be hard in such a tainted industry. The only way to get it is by hard work, dedication & time which is the basis of Mike C Da Champ's NEW SINGLE "Grind to get it" which features OMB Peezy and will be featured on his upcoming album.

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Staying focused can be hard in such a tainted industry. There are so many distractions in life that if you are not passionate about what you are doing,you will eventually fall behind or give up. "Grind to get it" is VERY self explanatory. Trying to break into the industry like thousands other talented artists competing with labels backed by millions of dollars is not always easy. The Grind is what makes hard working people successful.

Mike C Da Champ grew up around music and was always drawn to it. His grandfather had a record store and his grandma had a club so Mike was just always around music.
The first time Mike heard a rap song was from my older cousins (Thomas & Richie) which was "The Ghetto" by Tooshort.

Years later, Mike C Da Champ now locks himself in the studio, rolls up some of California's finest and samples through beats till one speaks to him. Although he is dedicated to his craft, he wakes up everyday to take care of the family needs and then straight to the studio he goes.

Mike C Da Champ's whole life has been an experience but for a few band members and friends that are no longer with us makes me grind harder. "Tomorrow is never promised" Says Mike. Bruce Hawes was a mentor to Mike C Da Champ and Macc Grace and Bruce gave them some ins and outs of the industry/do's and dont's.
Macc Grace (RIP) always told him to keep pushing, never give up and most of all believe in yourself. Those are words he now lives by everyday.

His single "Grind 2 Get It" tells a story as if the song was cinematic of the struggle to overcome the daily grind. You can listen to his hot new single on all platforms.


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