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Venture Capital Network Announces Launch of New VCN Token on XinFin Network

VCN has deployed a smart contract on XinFin network using platform


Venture Capital Networks (VCN) is a Singapore based investment and capital management company also provides listing advisory, deals syndication and fundraising services for qualified projects. VCN has deployed a smart contract on XinFin network using platform with the token name VCN. VCN token is deployed on XinFin

Network :
According to VC Network, the new token is designed to help user access to their newly setup unique platform called VC Prestigious Club for their series of crypto investment products & services. The platform helps investors better match projects with the help of AI.

While sharing more details about the token, Janet Lee, Venture Capital Network CEO, stated:
We are excited to deploy our token on XinFin.Network. VC Network is planning to go for full regulation under Asset Management category with different regulators and chose XinFin Network over many other blockchain platforms because of features like KYC enforcement on nodes, Enterprise friendly and Governance driven DPOS Consensus, very lightweight and energy-efficient network requirements, and high scalability.
we are starting private offering round for early investor to look to invest in a unique VC Prestigious Club and an investment platform to improve the whole eco-system in fundraising, Improve efficiency & motivation for VC to invest in growing SME & startups companies by rewarding them with VCN tokens. And most importantly the appreciation in value for VCN tokens that is pegged with the performance of the VC investment fund also tagged with the membership during onboarding. And the ownership of a social clubhouse for members to mingle and network to include in the road map. We believe that the new token economy will eventually replace conventional investment method and offer users a more convenient, fast and cost-efficient way to tokens investment and users experience.
On this event, RiteshKakkad Co-founder of XinFin said “We welcome Venture Capital Network as part of XinFin eco-system member and we like to invite more institutions and developer community to join our blockchain platform. We have easy developer tools like one-click installer and MyContract to setup blockchain network and deploy smart contract”

About Venture Capital Network:
Singapore based Investment and capital management company. The company helps qualified projects to fundraise capital funding via ICO, IEO, STO, OTC & IPO platforms & through investor’s event regionally in China, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea & US. They are into M&A deals, deals syndications and 3rd party funds marketing. Currently fundraising their own VC Investment Fund and VC Prestigious Club platform to help scale up the business globally.

More detail:

About XinFin.Network:
XinFin is an open-source enterprise-ready hybrid blockchain for global trade and finance. It combines the power of public and private blockchains with interoperable smart contracts and is fully EVM compatible. For more information on XinFin, please visit

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