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The City of Berkeley Reaches Out a Hand for the Homeless with Some Help From Greenshine New Energy

A new lighting system brings security and safety to an impoverished area in Berkeley.


Lake Forest, CA-- Greenshine New Energy has yet again demonstrated excellence in the solar LED lighting market with their latest project that brings a little more than light to an impoverished area of Berkeley, CA. The city faces a significant homeless population and decided to improve city grounds for the homeless by installing a modular resourcing encampment including temporary shelter, restrooms, and of course, lighting. The focus of the project had a lot of heart, but a large pain point for the encampment was its location---and a bevy of permits, restrictions, and money hurdles that would have tacked on a bill twice the size of Texas with the light installation.

"Knowing these facilities will be providing valuable resources to the population, the City of Berkeley wanted to provide sufficient lighting to ensure safe and secure use,” said Dave Beatty, Regional Sales Manager for Greenshine. “However, having to trench the area would have come with a significant investment. So with the solar they were able to provide lighting for the area and to stay within budget for the project without having to invest capital into the infrastructure."

Berkeley officials approached Greenshine looking for a solution that didn’t require circumnavigating buildings and train tracks just to draw power to the site. The Greenshine engineers developed a cluster of 6 Brighta solar powered security lights, completely independent from each other and power connectivity.

The project saved the City of Berkeley several thousands of dollars and satisfied what city officials desired--improving the safety and hospitality of a city that helps people through a simple concept like solar-powered lighting.

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