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Microvec to showcase Artificial Intelligence PIV at ISPIV 2019

Microvec introduces Artificial Intelligence Particle Image Velocimetry


Microvec, one of the leaders in the field of fluid mechanics, is presenting the newest Artificial Intelligence Particle Image Velocimetry (AI PIV) software at the 13th International Symposium on Particle Image Velocimetry, which is taking place from July 22 to 24 in Munich, Germany. This is the first software of its kind in the world and Microvec is once again introducing unique and innovative product in the field of Particle Image Velocimetry.

Based on deep learning technique called Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), commonly used in computer vision systems, Microvec applied it to fluid mechanics and particle image velocimetry. Microvec AI PIV is based on the optical flow neural network where global and quantitative velocity field from images can be extracted with improved computational efficiency without reduction of accuracy.

It is the world’s first implementation of AI in PIV. The experimental results indicate that compared with the traditional cross correlation and optical flow methods, the proposed deep neural network has advantages in accuracy.

AI-PIV calculation time faster than traditional PIV “Microvec AI PIV software has several advantages,” said Dr. Runjie Wei, CTO of Microvec “The accuracy of results extends to single-pixel calculations, since the output velocity field has displacement vectors at every pixel. The calculation time is faster than traditional PIV calculation time when using GPU and the calculations speed is near real time. Dense velocity field is obtained much faster. AI PIV represents continuing investment in innovative and unique new technologies.”

About Microvec Pte. Ltd.

Microvec Pte. Ltd. offers complete various Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) systems since 2002. The company has been developing proprietary PIV Technology and has been constantly improving and implementing new techniques and algorithms based on the latest research in the field. Microvec has teamed up with some of the leading researchers worldwide to add their input to Microvec products and to gain access to the most advanced and innovative research. Microvec introduced world’s first commercial PIV software capable of instantaneous pressure reconstruction, Light Field PIV offering volumetric PIV measurements with an easy setting with only one camera and one of the most advanced algorithms in Tomographic PIV - Intensity Enhanced MART.

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