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Audio4fun focuses in on audio technology to be the market leader

Beginning August 2019, Audio4fun will put all of its efforts into developing the best-selling Voice Changer Software series and audio software with new enhancements, already in the planning stage.


Audio4fun is making one of the biggest changes in the past 20 years of the company: they will now put all of their resources into developing audio products. The company’s goal is to take on a sustainable leading position in audio technology, especially the voice changer market. To reach this new height, Audio4fun had decided to put all other visual software on hold, and set a five-month plan for the next incoming projects. To see all of the current audio products, all readers can visit

“We would like to view this as a strategy of taking a step back in order to move forward, further and further with our business. By removing 3 visual software programs from our product line, we will ensure that we will work extra hard and carefully in the future. However, the one who stands strong in the challenges will be the winner, and we are already prepared for the difficulties that have yet to come,” said Peter Nguyen, COO of Audio4fun.

With a determination stronger than ever before, Audio4fun will remove all of its visual software products, including AV Webcam Morpher, AV Video Morpher and AV DVD Player Morpher. On the other hand, the company will now be focusing solely on developing its Voice Changer Software series, and the remaining audio software, which includes: Media Player Morpher, Video Karaoke Maker, and The Music Morpher series, as well as other freeware.

Why audio products? Because Audio4fun’s reputation has been built on its consistent ability to produce the best audio morphing technology in the voice changer market, including their best-selling AV Voice Changer Software Diamond. This is a golden chance to achieve the leading position within the market, with a sustainable development for the long term. Therefore, the company already has set out a master-plan for the next five years, with a clear vision: achievable, measurable and realistic within the time set. The company promises that there will be many new features and improvements for the main product AV Voice Changer Software Diamond, as well as enhancements for other audio software.

About AV Voice Changer Software Diamond: this is the software that has all of the best audio morphing technology developed by Audio4fun. Users can change their voice in real time, connect to Skype, Discord, or most other VoIPs, and also other games and platforms, such as Steam, PUPG, Overwatch, Fortnite, and many more. Users can convert their voice into the opposite gender, older or younger, even robot or alien, not to mention that there are more than 60 presets and voices to choose from. More than just a voice changer, the unique point of this software is the ability to edit audio, convert audio formats, morph the vocal part of a song, and many other exclusive combo abilities and tools. More information about this software can be found at

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