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New Hotel citizenship by investment platform

Startup introduces decentralized hotel room ownership for citizenship investors. Launching in 2020


Budapest, Hungary (July 30, 2019) -- Citizenship in exchange for investing in Hotels have become a new trend in recent years.

We are introducing our New Hotel citizenship platform introduces the concept of decentralized hotel ownership in luxury hotels. Decentralization is an exciting concept for new five star luxury hotels funded by Citizenship by investment (CBI) programs.

The CBI industry built around citizenship for investments is currently $3 billion industry and close to $1 billion have been already invested in real estate sector. CBI funded hotels have created significant economic impact in tourism, job creation and tax revenues to small countries.

Our Airbnb like platform directly links hotel developers with prospective investors without intermediaries or agents. Hotel room buyers also receive citizenship and passport including for all family under Citizenship by investment (CBI) programs.

This platform works similar to Airbnb which targets apart/home rentals. Unlike Airbnb while we target hotel buyers. There are currently over 10 countries that offer instant citizenship in exchange for investing in hotels and resorts.

All hotel rooms come with full titles. Prices for hotel rooms start from $200,000. Villas and Holiday homes can be purchased from $1 million onwards which also qualify for citizenship.

Hotel Investor benefits

Investing in luxury hotels brings great returns and carefree benefits than buying residential apartments. Investors buying hotels will receive

– Instant Citizenship and passport
– Benefit from rentals
– Carefree property management
– Resale of hotel room anytime


As with rental benefits, for example buyers of hotel rooms will receive $2000/month for first 4 years and fifth year onwards 50-60% of hotel booking earnings.

Where can i become citizen?

Currently there are more than 10 countries in Europe/Caribbean/Asia that offer immediate citizenship against real estate investment in hotels, resorts etc. These are minimum investment required if you want citizenship


Montenegro – EUR 250,000
Cyprus – EUR 2.15 million


Antigua and Barbuda – USD 200,000
Dominica – USD 200,000
Grenada – USD 220,000
St Kitts and Nevis – 200,000
Saint Lucia – USD 300,000


Turkey – USD 250,000

Besides there are several european countries offer permanent residence (golden visa) for investing in Hotels. This works best if you dont want citizenship

Golden visa

Portugal – EUR 350,000 (real estate)
Greece – EUR 250,000 (real estate)
Spain – EUR 500,000 (real estate)
Malta – EUR 250,000 (real estate)

Join our Free platform

Registration is completely free. We invite investors and CBI property developers to join our platform

We are a startup launched in July 2019. Currently the site is in beta test version. Full launch expected at the start of 2020. Please visit for a demo

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