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Evervue’s CabiTV Kitchen TVs Bring the Living Room Experience to Your Kitchen

Engineered with many years of experience and installations all over the world. CabiTV CT-100 and CT-200 are a stylish way to upgrade your kitchen.


Evervue USA Inc., a world leader in manufacturing Outdoor TVs, Bathroom TVs, Lighted Mirrors, and Smart Mirrors since 2001 features its kitchen TVs, CabiTV CT-100 and CT-200.

CabiTV Kitchen TVs, CT-100 and CT-200 come with a standard and customizable options to guarantee a perfect fit while bringing the comforts of the living room to the kitchen.

CabiTV CT-100 is an impressive kitchen TV from every angle which you can swivel and pan. It is equipped with a special designed bracket that when the TV folds away, it only leaves 1.3” space between the TV and the cabinet. CabiTV-CT100 is made of beautiful brushed stainless steel with slim bezel that is suitable in every kitchen.

CabiTV CT-200 is a made-to-size kitchen cabinet TV equipped with a full HD screen. It also boasts its excellent 4K Ultra HD picture quality that brings all images to life available on TV sizes 28" and 32". With an android system installed, CabiTV CT-200 has countless smart functions that you can access and update easily.

To match any kitchen style, CabiTV-CT200’s side trim can be customized with different finishes such as brushed stainless, black, and white. It is also built standard with a stainless-steel finished handle, but clients can send the handle they want to attach to their CabiTV.

Both CabiTVs have touch screen functions, high definition audio quality, and safely powered with 12 volts. CT100 and CT200 make it easy to navigate with Zepp Remote Control.

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About Evervue USA Inc.:

Evervue USA Inc. is redefining the realm of Bathroom TVs, Mirror TVs, Kitchen TVs, Outdoor TVs, Lighted Mirrors, and Smart Mirrors since 2001. With subsidiaries worldwide, Evervue products are installed in many houses and hotels and continue to delight guests with its unique hospitality solutions.

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