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EURAFRI Benefits for African Entrepreneurs, Startups and IT / IoT people

EURAFRI will bring a lot of benefits to African Entrepreneurs, Startups and IT/IoT people! The non-profit project starts in Ghana, actually looking for an ambassadors to represent our organization in Ghana.

Salzburg, Austria / Ghana, August 1, 2019

EURAFRI will bring a lot of benefits to African Entrepreneurs, Startups and IT/IoT people! The non-profit project starts in Ghana, actually looking for an ambassadors to represent our organization in Ghana.

### About the Non-Profit Project is an Non-Profit - European - African Bridge - for IT / IoT Entrepreneurs and Startups. Networking without borders will create opportunities, jobs, new business and business contacts and more! Connecting European Investors, Business Angels, Enterprises and Entrepreneurs with African Entrepreneurs and Startups to create successful business, workspaces and local jobs in Africa. Specialized in IT and IoT! The founders of non-profit organization EURAFRI has more then 100 years of experience in business consulting, IT and IoT and worked successful in 15 countries. The project will focus on networking to create new friends and business partners, business opportunities, projects, jobs and a better and more successful life for our members. All without any commissions if the EURAFRI members do business with other members. is funded by memberships and donations only and will not do business by itself. EURAFRI by itself is a networking platform in pre-opening state operated as NPO.

### African Entrepreneurs and Startups will benefit from EURAFRI membership as mentioned below.

- finding new friends and business partners is always a benefit for everybody. The founders of EURAFRI also have a lot of contacts to investors.
- getting help of professional consultants and business professionals within the EURAFRI members and the core team.
- African startups will have the chance to find new customers and/or investors to grow or start their business in Africa.
- being able to attend our future events will furthermore get EURAFRI members in touch with new friends and possible partners and/or investors.
- members will benefit from the networks and experience of the core team and other members. EURAFRI wants to get people together leading to more success for everybody.
- there will be opportunities to receive orders from EU companies which can be done locally in Africa. This will create new jobs there and furthermore grow the business of the entrepreneur or startup.
- EURAFRI plans to setup workspaces in Africa. This will help to build up required infrastructure and Internet connectivity for Startups. Furthermore a workspace is a networking area for its own and will create more opportunities and events to meet friends!
- No fees if you do business. EURAFRI is a non profit organization and is financed by membership fees and donations only. All business their members create out of networking with other EURAFRI members is the business of their members and EURAFRI will not charge a fee or commission in regards to this business. Even more, all members of EURAFRI should help other members to create more business. As all know this is another key to more success for all members.
- eventually all members should benefit from membership and after EURAFRI grows up to the size Karl, one of the founders, is dreaming of, EURAFRI will be an members only community where all members benefits in some way.

### Helping woman into entrepreneurship and IT / IoT business

Karl, one of the founders of EURAFRI always had a high percentage woman in his teams in nearly all countries he worked. EURAFRI will try to help woman to move into the IT/IoT business and entrepreneurship. “I would love to see a lot of woman as ambassadors and region managers too! My experience with woman in leading roles always was great! I hope we receive applications from African woman to join EURAFRI.” - Karl said in an interview for a German language magazine.

### Timeline

Actually EURAFRI is finalizing the and offers cheap test accounts to interested entrepreneurs and companies. All early birds will have this price for the accounts life-time. They decided that there will be no free memberships to avoid having internet trolls and other people EURAFRI do not want to have on their members forum. Nobody of the core team has the time or is willing to clean out spam, or troll postings and invest time in things not helping the project moving forward.

**To give everybody a chance to be part of the EURAFRI project they added a special free membership option for people contacting them and proof, they are real and willing to work hard for their personal success. This option is open to all IT/IoT people, entrepreneurs and companies during the EURAFRI project start. Furthermore ambassadors and region managers (volunteer) do not pay membership. This is limited to the opening time of EURAFRI and the core team decides on an application by application basis. There is no entitlement for free membership.**

Within the next 2-3 month they will add African members and later EURAFRI will invite investors and business partners from Europe. Eventually European investors and business partners will find very interesting postings from African entrepreneurs, companies and IT/IoT people and a huge story will start off.

EURAFRI is not interested in high volume, low quality content within the member forum. They want their community to build up with high quality opportunities and contacts.

EURAFRI offers the followin channels to follow::

- RSS:
- Twitter:
- Mastodon:


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