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Broward Buses reducing Carbon Pollution and Maintenance expenses ECOFuelMax

For years Eco Fuel Systems as been helping Transit and Coach Companies reduce Carbon Pollution (40% - 70%+) and Particulates that clog Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s).


Coach Companies across Florida and the Eastern United States are following diesel truck owners by adding the low cost ECOFuelMax fuel Filter/Enhancer. The ECO in-line filter’s certified test results match the real life data.

Diesel Regeneration Cycles (REGEN’s) using the ECO have shown to increase hours between forced REGEN Cycles +/-30 hours. A Transit Coach bus or a School bus on average has REGEN’s 12-14 hours between cycles. How does this benefit a diesel motor owner? Every REGEN Cycle creates Diesel Particulate Matter that a DPF has to trap. When a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) gets clogged with particulates vehicles efficiency is substantially reduced and in many instances stops running. Downtime can be expensive.

When a DPF gets clogged it requires cleaning and in many instances after a few cleanings it needs to be replaced at a cost of +/-$3,000.00. The ECO Fuel System by helping fuel burn more combustible and cleaner has proven to reduce REGEN’s expensive maintenance costs and downtime as much as 70% or more. The manufacture does not claim fuel savings but many claim it reduces fuel consumption.

Diesel owners who have reduced maintenance expenses and downtime by +/-$3,000 annually agree the $395 onetime expense is a lifesaver. The life expectancy for the guaranteed No Chemical, No Maintenance ECO fuel enhancer is 20+ years.

The word is spreading across the USA; finally there is a proven and guaranteed solution that tens of thousands of diesel owners swear by. For more information go online or call. GO GREEN – Burn Clean!

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