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Climate Change Global Warming Proven Solutions to Reducing Carbon Pollution

This Press Release is intended to help educate Municipalities, Private Trucking Companies, School Districts and the Public of a proven solution to help reduce the Carbon Footprint that is damaging our Planet.


Municipalities and Commercial Trucking Companies have been slow to act but are now getting onboard. After being made aware of a guaranteed proven solution ECOFuelMax they are now reducing Hydrocarbons 40% to over 70% and saving Operating costs. Reduce expenses and earn by reducing Pollution. A win-win for everybody

School Systems in Texas as well as NASA & Homeland Security have participated in reducing Carbon Pollution for +/-10 years. Now Municipalities from Fort Lauderdale to Grand Forks North Dakota have successfully taken the challenge to reducing Maintenance Costs and Downtime by implementing the ECO Fuel System and Cobra Clean.

ECO Fuel System is a patented low cost fuel enhancer (+/-&400) that is guaranteed to reduce Hydrocarbons, Cobra Clean is a Biodegradable cleaning solution used to clean Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s) and Carbon build up wherever it exists.

There are several alternative solutions available that are costly or simply do not function. The low cost ECOFuelMax patented solution works by increasing fuels Vapor Pressure (all fuels) helping it to burn cleaner and more efficiently. NO Chemicals or Maintenance required. On a Diesel motor Carbon Particulates can be reduced +/-70% reducing DPF cleaning, replacement as well as downtime. Due to a more efficient combustion, fuel savings has been reported. The ROI on a Coach Bus +/-20 days, on an LTL Diesel Truck +/-10 days.

Cobra Clean is amazing, it was introduced 5 years ago as a Biodegradable solution to clean oxidized paint on Yellow School Buses. After seeing positive results a Fleet Manager took some home. Knowing it was Biodegradable he felt it was safe to use to clean his BBQ grill. Much to his amazement the built up Carbon washed away after soaking it.

After returning to work he took one of several of his dirty DPF’s scheduled for Heat cleaning and soaked it over the weekend in a tub. The results amazed him as it has everyone else since. The Cobra Clean solution melted the Carbon off the filter. The clear Biodegradable solution was totally blackened by the Carbon. He then rinsed it out with fresh water and behold, the filter came clean. Over the last few years the same DPF has been cleaned multiple times. Ever since then hundreds if not thousands of DPF’s have been cleaned in house without damaging Heat for 75% less than damaging Heat Cleaning.

For over 20 years ECO Fuel Systems, LLC and its principals have been working to help reduce Carbon Pollution and improve efficiency on all types of Internal Combustion Motors. Now with the call to reduce Carbon Pollution we have proven Guaranteed solutions to help everyone. For more information go online or call and speak to a human.

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