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Application Compatibility for Windows 10 migration made simpler with Apptimized Evergreen Solution

A fully-fledged migration to Windows 10 is gaining momentum, but not all companies are ready with confidence to declare which of their installed applications will work effectively. Are you sure your applications are compatible?


Potsdam, Germany – August 15th, 2019 - Apptimized - delivering world class application packaging services to hundreds of the world's largest businesses since 2003 and home of the world's first truly cloud-based application packaging and testing solution.

With over 15 years of experience in the software packaging space, this has allowed us to create our unique platform that enables you to check application compatibility in the Cloud. You no longer need to choose between poor functionality or a lack of support for Windows 7. Apptimized allows you to open features within the Windows 10 platform saving you time and money.

Using Apptimized to test your applications or ready-to-deploy packages, simply upload your installation source and proceed with a typical workflow for your current application on a prepared Hypervisor Virtual Machine or use our Apptimized TO GO option to record all actions on-premise on your own environmental. This will give you an ability to run test case on your own network and using your Windows builds. All actions during the initial test will be captured and can be reviewed on completion.

What does it mean for companies?

The recorded test scenario will automatically playback on the new build. In practice, this gives an understanding of the compatibility of applications on the new platform as soon as possible.

There is no need to do regular manual testing of each application in the created list.

Need statistics? Each time as soon as the test ends, Apptimized will send an e-mail with the results and the ability to download statistics in the .pdf and .html format.

Using Apptimized, you can integrate with the best platforms on the market like ServiceNow, Intune and SCCM. Allowing you to further integrate packages into your environment, as soon as its ready to deploy and test via Evergreen.

Make you IT Evergreen and stay current without the risk.

About Apptimized
Founded in 2003 in Potsdam, Germany, Apptimized have been providing high quality, high speed application packaging services to customers across all sectors including the likes of PwC, AXA, DXC and Computacenter. It was the first provider to offer secure cloud-based, fixed cost packaging, delivering a zero risk, pay-as-you-go SAAS-based service.

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