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Florida artist shares work around the globe in August

Joaquin Restrepo’s work to be featured in seven cities, three countries


ORLANDO, Fla. (August 20, 2019) – Florida artist Joaquin Restrepo is taking his work on a world tour with pieces featured in seven cities and three countries in just one month.

Restrepo’s worldwide showcase kicked off earlier this month in the U.S. at the Orlando Museum of Art’s 1st Thursdays event, where three of his horse sculptures are on display. The artist’s intricate totems are also currently on display at the Virginia Miller Gallery in Coral Gables. From August to October, Restrepo’s pieces will be featured across Central Florida, including at the Osceola Center for the Arts in Kissimmee.

The tour will also be taken abroad with exhibitions in Mexico at Rodrigo Rivero Lake Gallery in Mexico City and the Marquesa de Mancera area of Marina Fernandez de Cordova in San Miguel de Allende, where Restrepo will exhibit six sculptures that allow visitors to visualize different periods in the same space. Finally, Restrepo will have work at the Luis Fernando Molina Gallery in Medellín and the El Nogal Club Gallery in Bogotá. Three of the artist’s horse sculptures and two human figurines will be displayed.

“It’s an honor to bring my culture and my work to cities across the globe,” Restrepo said. “People often ask to see my workshop, but I don’t just work in one place. Instead, I draw influences from everywhere I go. It’s very fitting that my work will travel all around the different cities that inspired it.”

Restrepo is a painter and sculptor who draws from classical forms but incorporates a nod to modern technology. He doesn’t adhere to the typical rules and focuses his energy on creating a limited number of pieces to underscore the value of each piece.

Restrepo has seen success with this approach, completing his first auction at 19 with Christie’s in New York.

“Collectors have begun to buy Joaquin’s work in advance. This frees him up, which allows him to conquer new spaces,” said Mateo Blanco, Restrepo’s manager in the United States.

After the world tour, Restrepo is planning an exhibition that will unite France, Belgium and Colombia in a gallery in New Smyrna Beach.

For high quality photos of Joaquin Restrepo’s work, click here.

About Joaquin Restrepo
Joaquin Restrepo is a painter and a sculptor. He studied art history, music and goldsmith, working under celebrated artists Debora Arango and Ethel Gilmour. Restrepo has participated in group and solo exhibitions in the U.S., China, Mexico and Colombia. His pieces have also been sold by Christie’s in New York. Restrepo is currently based in Orlando. For more information, visit

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